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Regional, Rural & Remote Practice Group
Practice Group

The Rural and Remote Practice Group is wanting to hear from you.

Do you practice Social Work in the rural or regional areas of Australia?

Lend your voice to the discussions, share your wisdoms and experience with other Social Workers.

The Branch Ethics Group (BEG)
Member Information

The Branch Ethics Group (BEG)

The Branch Ethics Group (BEG) is the mechanism that the AASW uses to help social workers stay up-to-date and informed about ethical matters.

Grants Bulletin-July 2013
grant opportunities

Please find funding information which may be of interest to you or your networks.

The information comes from the office of Senator Jan McLucas.

23 Feb 2015 Deactivating the Buttons: An Introduction to Radical Exposure Tapping with Laurie MacKinnon PhD
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

The skills based workshop provides a framework for understanding and working with the traumatic memories that underpin clients' emotional reactivity. By observing videotapes of actual therapy sessions and through opportunities to practice, clinicians will develop skills in: assessing for PTSD, decreasing arousal; obtaining trauma history; and practice skills in processing traumatic memories through Radical Exposure Tapping, a form of brief therapy in which graduated exposure is combined with tapping techniques to rapidly reduce distress.

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12 Mar 2015 'Let's Beat Counting Sheep!' Conquering Sleep Post Trauma
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

The workshop will explore proven evidence based therapeutic strategies to improve night time happenings such as insomnia and nightmares and help to make new positive dreams come true!

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4 Jun 2015 Treating Complex Trauma with Dr Leah Giarratano
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

The emphasis of this two-day training program is upon imparting practical, accessible skills to use immediately with survivors of complex trauma (especially child abuse and neglect).

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