Branch – North Queensland

The North Queensland Branch, with over 500 members, is supported by a voluntary Branch Management Committee elected by the Branch membership. 

The Branch’s key role is to provide local support for AASW members through a range of activities that enable members to network, develop practice skills and organise around social justice issues. 

World Social Work Day 2024 - Cairns

The NQLD Branch held a Cairns breakfast on Thursday 21 March to celebrate World Social Work Day 2024. The breakfast included a wonderful presentation by Simone Dewar, involving participation discussing transformative change at a micro, mezzo and macro level. Fantastic participation and involvement with members.

Seeking Practice and Networking Group convenors

If you have 2-3 hours a month to spare and are passionate about social work in your community of practice (eg Mental Health, Private Practice) or state/territory perhaps you would like to consider starting a Practice or Networking Group. Not only will you be able to give back to your fellow social workers and your profession, but you could also help shape activities providing peer support and networking (Practice and Networking Groups) and category 3 professional development both online and in person (Practice Groups only).



For more information, please contact Branch Services at [email protected]

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