Opportunities to advertise research with the AASW

Opportunities to advertise research with the AASW

The AASW National Research Committee invites researchers conducting research/evaluation activities relevant to social workers and social work practice to submit an application for research to be advertised to AASW members in relevant national and state/territory bulletins. See below for information about the approval process and required documentation.

The following documentation must be submitted with your application:
  • Completed AASW Research Application Form (see attached)
  • Copy of research proposal
  • Copy of final approval letter from Ethics committee
  • Copy of Participant recruitment flyer
  • Copy of Participant Information Sheet/s
  • Copy of Consent form/s
  • Copies of questionnaires, interview schedules or tests to be used
  • Brief 2 page CVs for principal researcher, or student supervisor if chief researcher is a student 

All of the above documentation should be emailed to [email protected]

Who needs to seek approval?

Approval must be sought for all branch and national research activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • internal evaluation or research projects
  • research projects conducted by undergraduate or post-graduate students
  • research involving AASW members
  • research undertaken by AASW in collaboration with external agencies or research institutions
  • research promoted by AASW undertaken by external agencies

With regards to internal quality assurance projects, the Research Committee provides a consultation role in reviewing the integrity of projects.

For further information contact the AASW at [email protected]