Constitution and Bylaws

Proposal to amend AASW's Constitution in 2023

This year, the Board aims to make the AASW fairer and more inclusive. We need members’ help.

The AASW Board seeks your support to amend the Association’s Constitution in three areas:

  1. Deletion of a clause that prevents persons who are convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment for a period greater than 12 months from becoming or remaining a Member of AASW.
  2. Retirement of the Australian College of Social Work; and
  3. Insertion of a clause that would permit Directors to hold General Meetings of Members using virtual technology, exclusively.

Following circulation of Discussion Paper #1 which provided background to the proposals, the Association held two webinars and invited members to provide comments and feedback on the proposals. 

The second Discussion Paper:

  • addresses comments and feedback received either through written submissions and/or via the webinars; and
  • provides Members with insights into the specific changes which will be made to the Constitution, if the proposals are approved by Members in general meeting.

Get involved

Members are again invited to provide comments and feedback on the proposals, to the Board.  The deadline for the submission of comments on the proposals is Wednesday 14 June 2023, 5:00pm AEST. We have developed a form to assist with your submission, which you can find below.

If the feedback continues to support the proposals, then an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members will be scheduled for August 2023. The adoption of any amendment(s) to the Association’s Constitution shall require approval by at least three-quarters of the votes cast by the Members present in person or by proxy entitled to vote on the resolution(s).

AASW Constitution and Bylaws

The constitution of a company sets out certain rights, roles and responsibilities of members and directors and rules which govern various internal management activities such as meetings of members and directors. 

The constitution is a fundamental component of the governance framework.

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