Social work and electoral politics

Social work and electoral politics: what are the key factors that lead Australian social workers to participate as candidates at local, state or federal government level?

Key datesRecruitment is now open.
Recruitment will close on Saturday 30th September 2023.
Participants sought·       Participants must hold a BSW or MSW recognised by the AASW. 
·       Participants must have previously run for election at local, state, or federal government level (successfully or unsuccessfully). 
·       Participants do not have to be currently practicing social work.
AboutThe aim of this study is to explore what factors influence social workers to pursue a career in electoral politics. It aims to explore overlaps between the skills, knowledge, ethics, and values acquired from a social work education or career, and those used in electoral politics. 
Empirical research exploring what influences social workers to pursue a career in electoral politics has been conducted in a number of countries across the world, yet no such research has been carried out within Australia. This research has suggested there are skills and values learned through a social work education that are useful for a career in electoral politics. 
Through exploring how social work education has influenced individuals’ decisions to run for election within Australia, we may understand more about the relationship between social work and electoral politics in an Australian context. 
What is involvedParticipants will take part in a 60 minute interview via video-call. 
How to get involvedPlease contact MSW researcher Anna Hallam for more information and to organise an interview.
Institution and investigator contactMonash University
MSW Student Researcher:
Anna Hallam 
Email Anna
Supervisor Investigator:
Professor Philip Mendes
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