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Australian College of Social Work

Australian College of Social Work

The Australian College of Social Work promotes and advances excellence in Australian social work practice.

Established in 2011 as a specialised tier of the Australian Association of Social Workers, the Australian College of Social Work recognises and acknowledges the highest professional standards and

The College exists to advance practice and recognise advanced practice. As a community of advanced practice social workers, we are involved in leadership and building practice excellence. We do this by providing opportunities to: ask questions about what is happening in our profession; transfer knowledge; network; enhance skills and knowledge; and mentor and support peers.

As members of the College, we are interested in working together to develop our own practice, and to find ways to help other members of the College advance their practice. No social worker is every fully developed: we are continually being formed and informed as social change occurs and we attempt to respond. The College is the place where we, together, work towards advancing the practice of all.

As the Australian College of Social Work is still developing, we welcome feedback and ideas from our experienced members. Our aim is ensure the College remains an important institution for social work excellence.

AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers