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ASWEAS Review 2016

The Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (ASWEAS) 2012 set out the principles, minimum standards and graduate attributes for entry level social work education in Australia. They are used as the criteria for the accreditation of professional social work courses with the AASW and work with the Code of Ethics 2010 and Practice Standards 2013 in setting Australia's professional social work standards in Australia.


The periodic ASWEAS review was scheduled for 2017 but was bought forward to 2016 in acknowledgement of changing and emerging issues for education providers and the profession. The review, which will involve consultation and engagement with key stakeholders, will:

  • apply a continuous improvement approach to further articulate education standards in a clear and consistent manner
  • address the language and structure of the document to ensure ease of access and present information in a manner that is appropriate and accessible
  • articulate the evidence base underpinning the standards
  • separate operational and procedural requirements from the standards and present them in a new operational manual
  • benchmark our standards with international associations and other allied health professions.


Watch this space for more ASWEAS review consultation opportunities.

Past consultations

Key documents

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