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Criteria for assessments for migration and employment purposes

An AASW accredited social work qualification is the entry level requirement for professional social work practice in Australia. Using five assessment criteria, the AASW assesses the level at which an applicant's overseas qualifications are comparable to an AASW accredited social work qualification.

Applicants are required to meet ALL five criteria in order to receive a positive assessment:

  • Criterion 1: The qualification must be a specific qualification in social work.

  • Criterion 2: The qualification must be regarded as a professional social work qualification in the country of training.

  • Criterion 3: The learning outcomes of the professional social work qualification should be comparable to the learning outcomes that graduates of AASW accredited social work qualifications must demonstrate.

  • Criterion 4: An applicant must have completed at least 980 hours of field education in at least two field placements and with two contrasting practice foci, where at least one placement was in direct practice.

  • Criterion 5: High level English language skills (as per the AASW English language policy).

*If you do not have qualifications in social work, you may wish to consult one of the following professional associations if relevant:

Australian Psychological Society

Australian Community Workers Association


AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers