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Kate SoulsbyName: Kate Soulsby

Role and Company: Manager Counselling and Treatment Service at ACT Health, Alcohol and Drug Service.

Who has been the most inspiring role model in your career and why? 

My field supervisor at my final placement was the person I learnt everything about how to be a social worker from.  Brilliant practitioner, great teacher, good sense of humour.  She is now a dear friend and we attempt to catch up about once a month with each other and the other students who were on placement with me.

What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out in their career?  

You can only truly see if you stand in the other's shoes.

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

My mother to talk about life again and tell her I love her.


National Code Of Conduct


The National Code of Conduct (NCC) sets minimum standards of conduct for anyone who provides a health service and

  • is not registered under the national registration and accreditation scheme
  • is a registered health practitioner who provides health services which are not related to their registration.

Each state’s laws define a ‘health service’ in varied translations and some states are still in the process of properly defining who will be covered by the National Code of Conduct.

It is very likely that as a mental health social worker, your state’s legislation will require you to comply with the National Code of Conduct, whether you are working in public or private practice. 

First, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the National Code of Conduct as it applies in your state. Second, if you have any queries about the relevance of the code to mental health social workers in your state or any other questions, please contact the relevant body who will be enforcing the National Code of Conduct. The Coalition of Australian Governments has more information.




Talking about practical practice issues and ethics issues in your supervision sessions

Supervision is a time for critical reflection; ethical decision making can be complex. Supervisors are well placed to understand the scope and context of your social work practice in addition to assisting you to reflect on how the core values of the profession, Respect, Social Justice and Professional Integrity, can be upheld. In practice, the core values give rise to general and specific ethical responsibilities. Such responsibilities are considered in supervision when discussing cases and making decisions about practice issues including

  • Working within your scope of practice (ie. working within your area of expertise and taking appropriate action if affected by ill health or impairment)
  • Ongoing professional development (ie. applying for and maintaining accreditation as AMHSW in addition to CPD)
  • Insurance
  • Health records (ie. recording sensitive information, considering legal requirements, information sharing, storage of health records and responding to a subpoena)
  • Program administration (ie. billing and referrals)
  • Ethical dilemmas.

Please refer to the publications below for further reading.

Essential Reading List:

Code of Ethics 2010

Practice Standards 2013

Supervision Standards 2014

Other resources:

Ethical and Practice Guidelines


Telehealth - Medicare


The AASW is currently working with the Department of Health and Human Services during the development of  telehealth guidelines that aim to improve access to psychological services for rural and remote patients.

We will continue to provide updates about these guidelines in the e-Bulletin and on our website as information becomes available.


Call for Abstracts Open | 10th Australian Rural And Remote Mental Health Symposium


This is your opportunity to present your latest research, program or findings at the 10th Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium with the call for abstracts now open.

View the full list of topics or submit your abstract.


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Wednesday 25 July and Thursday 26 July 2018
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