Infant Mental Health Awareness Week: 11-17 June


Infant Mental Health Awareness Week seeks to promote the importance of infant mental health and the early years of a child's life.

Australian Association for Infant Mental Health invites individuals and organisations to raise awareness in your workplace or community about the importance of infant mental health.

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week was first launched in the UK in June 2016 by the charity Parent Infant Partnership (PIP) UK to raise a greater understanding for policy makers, professionals, and parents about why giving every baby the nest possible start in lie matters to the life chances of children and families. At the launch, Clair Rees (PIP) emphasised that "Good mental health begins in early childhood. When a baby has the opportunity to form a secure bond with their parent of caregiver, this can support their potential and ability to form health relationships throughout life". Research evidence now confirms a direct link between difficulties in infant parent-child bonding or attachment and psychiatric disorders in later life.

"There is a growing acknowledgement that those first early years of a child's life are absolutely crucial. Getting it right as parents with professional help and public resource to support where needed has the potential to make a huge difference to how that child grows into an adult contributing to society."

Tim Loughton MP for East Worthing & Shoreham and Co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group Conception to Age 2: first 1001 days, UK

In 2018, AAIMHI will again join the UK in promoting an awareness of infant mental health during 11-17 June 2018. In doing so, AAIMHI aims to improve professional and community recognition that infancy and early childhood is a critical time for the development of emotional, psychical, and mental health.

You are encouraged to organise activities for 2018 Infant Mental Health Awareness Week which can be advertised on the AAIMHI Event Calendar by emailing Annie Mullan, National AAIMHI Secretary: