The National Redress Scheme for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions


The legislation to establish the National Redress Scheme for Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse was enacted in June 2018.  The scheme started on 1 July this year even though the Federal and State governments are still in negotiation about how it will be implemented.

The scheme will have three elements, one of which is access to ‘counselling and psychological services’.  Although the Department of Human Services is implementing the scheme as a whole, the Department of Health is implementing this element.

At the moment, it appears that people who are found to be eligible for the scheme will have the option of receiving a cash allocation to be spent on specialist, trauma informed counselling, although in some states there may be an alternative method of gaining access to these services.  As soon as information is finalised we will inform members.

In the meantime, the DOH is proceeding with the establishment of a national register of practitioners who are able to provide these services, as was recommended by the Royal Commission.

This register will take the form of a website which will:

  • function as a directory of all professionals and organisations able to provide this kind of therapy, regardless of whether the person who will be using the service has received funding under the redress scheme,
  • feature a range of mental and allied health professions,
  • be accessible to the public as well as to people who are within the Redress scheme,
  • be searchable by location, profession and mode of delivery,
  • contain a section dedicated to organisations who provide this form of service with links to those organisations,
  • contain a separate section for private practitioners who are able to provide this services.

This is the Trauma Support website.

Accredited Mental Health Social workers will be able to register to provide these services from 21 July.  

Criteria for inclusion on the database:

The criteria for inclusion have been designed to set uniform standards for the variety of professions who are eligible.  The exception for AMHSWs is that they are not required to meet the standard that refers to professions registered with AHPRA.  AMHSWs will be required to confirm that they meet the other standards, as will all practitioners wishing to be included.  Inclusion on the register is for 12 months only and must be actively renewed annually.

To complete registration, practitioners will need to upload their membership certificate.  They will also be asked to submit a short paragraph describing their experience and approach.  This will assist people using the register to identify a practitioner who will best meet their needs.