Your Distinction Program


Your Distinction - gold lettering purple background

On 2 July, AASW launched the Your Distinction Program. This program introduces six new credentials to recognise advanced social work practices in the following specialist areas

  • Accredited Family Violence Social Worker
  • Accredited Supervisor
  • Accredited Clinical Social Worker
  • Accredited Disability Social Worker
  • Accredited Aged Care Social Worker
  • Accredited Child Protection Social Worker.

The expansion of the Credentialing Program is to recognise a specialisation in social work practice in a range of areas.  The program assures clients and their families, the Australian community, employers and funding bodies that accredited social workers have acquired a notable level of expertise in their field of practice.  AASW accreditation means Your Distinction in the social work sector, your area of expertise and your career journey.  These new credentials raise the profile of the social work profession and enhance your employment opportunities.

The first of the credentials to be launched will be the Accredited Family Violence Social Worker.

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (2016) and other national drivers, have provided the impetus for the AASW to proactively establish a credential in this field of practice and to consolidate social workers as the lead practitioners in the family violence sector.  The AASW has convened a Family Violence Steering Committee comprised of sector knowledge leaders and practitioners to develop the Accredited Family Violence Credential and AASW Family Violence Capability Framework.

Eligibility Requirements for AFVSW

To apply for accreditation as an Accredited Family Violence Social Worker members will  need to provide the following evidence

  • Current membership of the AASW
  • That members have met the Family Violence Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the current or previous financial year**. Requirements include a total of 50 hours of CPD in AASW specified categories, of which 20 hours must also be specific to family violence
  • At least two years' (post-qualifying) supervised social work direct or indirect practice experience in a family violence setting within the past five years, and how this experience meets the capabilities outlined in the AASW Family Violence Capability Framework
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • A referee statement.

**The AASW is offering members additional time to meet the Family Violence CPD Goal for the 2017/18 financial year period. For further information please contact

If you would like further information please contact