Suicide prevention national digital gateway


Suicide prevention as a whole requires coordinated and combined effort from all levels of government, health care systems, front-line health and community groups, as well as individuals, families and communities.

With this in mind, Life in Mind was launched in 2018 to provide a national digital gateway connecting Australian suicide prevention organisations, services and programs to each other and communities.
Developed as a platform for knowledge exchange, Life in Mind provides a cohesive link between policy and practice, enabling those working in suicide prevention to access resources, services and organisations in their suicide prevention efforts.
To support and promote this collaboration, the National Communications Charter was launched in September 2018, equipping organisations and individuals with a unified approach and set of principles to follow when it comes to communicating about suicide prevention and mental health.
To understand what The Charter is, its aims and ultimately what it provides for individuals and organisations the Life in Mind team have taken a closer look at The Charter from a clinical service perspective.