Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety update


The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety opened with a preliminary hearing at Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Courts in Adelaide on Friday, 18 January 2019.

The Royal Commission will visit all capital cities as well as regional centres and is due to produce an interim report not later than 31 October 2019 and a final report not later than 30 April 2020.

Commissioner Briggs said the Royal Commission had begun the process of gathering and analysing information and had held meetings with consumer groups, key government agencies and other stakeholders. “The likely major themes to be addressed include: quality and safety, access and inclusion, young people with disability, interfaces and transitions, future challenges and opportunities, and how to deliver quality in a sustainable way. We will look at the expectations of Australians for quality and safe care, how and where it should be provided and the workforce implications, amongst other things,” Commissioner Briggs said.

A significant focus of the Commission’s work will be understanding how the aged care system currently works. This would involve some site visits and community engagement involving roundtable discussions.

Addressing concerns raised with the Royal Commission, Commissioner Tracey warned that it would be against the law for employers to take action against an employee or former employee who wanted to give evidence.

On Christmas Eve the online submissions form on the website began receiving public submissions. To date, over 300 submission have been received. The first public hearing will be held on 11 February 2019 in Adelaide, continuing into the week of 18 February.

A transcript of the statements by the Commissioner and Counsel Assisting are available on the Royal Commission’s website.

AASW will be holding consultations for its submission to the Royal Commission. If you work in aged care, or have experiences of the aged care system, and are interested in being involved, please contact us at