Federal Budget 2019-2020


The AASW sees the Federal Budget as one of the government’s key opportunities to enable members of our community to thrive, flourish and develop to their full potential. It is the role of government to create and maintain the environmental, social and economic foundations for this vision, paying attention to the most vulnerable members of society. Every day, social workers observe how decisions in the federal budget have a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable people, including but not limited to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, children, young people, older Australians, people living with a disability and those experiencing unemployment. Therefore the AASW measures the success of the budget by its social impact as well as its economic consequences.

With this in mind, we have outlined some of the key areas that we believe the 2018-2019 budget needs to address, including:

  • Income support and welfare
  • Reconciliation
  • Mental Health: Medicare, Rural and remote locations
  • Housing 
  • The NDIS
  • Family violence
  • Aged Care.

You can read our full Budget submission on the social policy webpage.

This was our media statement, following the Budget speech. (link)