Federal Election 2019


The AASW’s federal election campaign has involved a number of activities.

The AASW Federal election Policy Platform has been published. This document outlines our position on the two key issues for the social work profession:

  • guarantee of workforce quality through registration, and
  • the value of Accredited Mental Health Social Workers’ within the Medicare benefits scheme.

It then outlines the AASW’s vision for a just society and the policy changes that we believe should be taken by the next federal government in ten key social justice issues. The issues consist of the topic areas which members prioritised through last year's Member Needs and Satisfaction Survey:

  • Reconciliation
  • Refugees and People seeking asylum
  • Mental Health
  • People living with disability and the NDIS
  • Income support and employment programs
  • Housing
  • Aged care
  • Family violence
  • Redress
  • Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The platform draws on the experience of members about the effects that federal policies have on the vulnerable people with whom they work.  Our recommendations in each topic are based on our position papers, submissions and media releases.

The Platform document was launched with a media release on 24 April.

Direct Letter Writing

The AASW has written to the leaders of the major parties describing our position on the two main professional issues and providing a link to the platform document. We urge all members to participate and contact local candidates with the template on our website.

A Policy Comparison Guide

A website page has been developed for the Federal election, containing our platform positions, which are accessible by topic, and a guide to the sources for each proposal. 

Under each topic heading is a summary of the positions of the major parties on each issue, enabling readers to identify the issues that concern them most and assess the extent to which each major party resonates with our vision.  The social policy and advocacy team has been tracking the announcements made by the parties as they campaign around the country and has updated the federal election webpage.