Want to know more about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?


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Here’s some suggested holiday professional development…

With holidays almost upon us, you may wish to spend those few spare hours to engage in professional development. The AASW CPD Team thought you might like to check out one of our most popular online learning programs on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – Introductory and Advanced level courses. Register for the workshop.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has accumulated a solid research base and strong following over the past 20 years. The introductory workshop – is a two-hour session which will introduce you to the ACT model and demonstrate ways in which ACT processes can be applied therapeutically. Within this workshop there is a demonstration and experiential exercises to provide opportunities for direct practice during the training.  ACT is generally seen as fitting comfortably with the underlying philosophies and assumptions of social work profession. It is a therapy which is inherently non pathologising which holds the clients as the ultimate expert of their own experience.  

The 2.5 hour introductory level workshop is designed for those who have no background knowledge of ACT or who have only been exposed to the model briefly. Once completed you can progress to the 2-hour advanced level ACT module. This program will explore what ACT looks like in the therapy room when moving beyond formal exercises and metaphors. The techniques described in this training strive to broaden your repertoire of tools to enable you to engage in ACT interventions in a flexible manner.  

CPD hours and credentials 

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW): This training is a behavioural invention so can contribute towards your Focused Psychological Strategy hours. 

Accredited Clinical Social Worker (ACSW): This training contributes towards your clinical specific hours. 

Do yourself a favour and plan your holiday professional development now. The ideal nature of AASW online learning is that they are video based, allowing you to view them on the train, in your loungeroom or even at the beach!

In the case that you have questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact the CPD Team on 03 9320 1035 or cpd@aasw.asn.au.