CPD Overview

Continuing  Professional Development (CPD) is the process through which qualified AASW members maintain, improve and broaden their skills, knowledge and expertise for professional practice. CPD is an ongoing process throughout a career informed by the changing practice environment, professional domains, new research and community need.

AASW Members are responsible for their own professional development in accordance with the AASW CPD Policy. Requirements may be met through participation in CPD activities provided by the AASW and/or external providers. To record a professional development activity towards a CPD goal, members are required to ensure the activity is relevant to them and is consistent with the categories defined in the CPD Policy. For details of CPD goals and further information about CPD please refer to the CPD Policy and the FAQs.

AASW Members are now able to access Category 2 Professional Development in the form of on-demand, live workshops and webinars and events at up to 50% discount of the non-member price.

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