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Information for GPs

In consultation with members, the AASW has created a new web page for GPs. It provides information on what social workers and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers do and how they can help GPs make a difference.


Australian College of Social Work


The College has issued its first communiqué for 2017. It features news about changes to the Steering Committee membership, including introductions to its three newest members, and the items that will be on the agenda of the the next face-to-face meeting, which will be held in Melbourne on Friday 17 February.


AASW conferences


AASW conferences










Endorsed CPD


Special MHA offer

Join the Mental Health Academy CPD community by next Friday 24 February 2017, and receive complimentary access to 15 bonus educational resources valued at $2,636.00. This is a great opportunity to boost your CPD in Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) topics such as CBT, interpersonal therapy, psychoeducation, and motivational interviewing. For more information, contact MHA

Trauma education workshops 2017

Dr Leah Giarratano's two highly regarded professional development workshops provide mental health professionals with practical skills and up-to-date research in traumatology. Register now at Talomin Books

Treating PTSD 14 AASW CPD hours: Brisbane 11-12 May; Melbourne 18-19 May; Sydney 25-26 May; Adelaide 8-9 June; Perth 15-16 June; Wellington NZ 22-23 June 2017.

Treating Complex Trauma 14 AASW CPD hours, for past participants of Treating PTSD: Brisbane 13-14 July; Melbourne 20-21 July; Sydney 27-28 July; Wellington NZ 3-4 August; Perth 19-20 October; Adelaide 26-27 October 2017.

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