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Accreditation Assessment Panel

Accreditation Assessment Panel

The Accreditation Panel is composed of AASW members who complete accreditation reviews of AASW accredited entry-level social work qualifications. The panel members are AASW members with extensive experience as a profession, academic or a combination of each. The panel members work in teams(up to 3 panel members) to review existing courses, new programs and extended or restructured programs.  Experienced accreditation panel members may be invited to chair a review and act as a Panel Chair.

Role of Accreditation Panel members

Accreditation Assessment Panel members work as teams to review AASW Accredited social work qualifications against the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (ASWEAS) and make a recommendation to the AASW Accreditation Council regarding the accreditation of social work programs.

The efficacy of the Accreditation Assessment Panels and their decision-making stands as a cornerstone of the accreditation process. Vital to this effectiveness is an unwavering commitment to integrity and a process that remains replicable and consistent, leading to comparable outcomes regardless of the specific Accreditation Assessment Panel involved.

The AASW Accreditation team maintain a database of the Accreditation Assessment Panel members, and this is utilised to select our panel members for each accreditation assessment. The Provider is provided with the opportunity to select the third member of the Panel prior to the site visit.