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Once a final decision is made and the Provider has been notified of the outcome formally, the Provider has the right to appeal the accreditation process or outcome within thirty (30) business days. This process is detailed in the AASW Accreditation Appeals Policy which outlines the process in detail.

An appeal may be sought on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. Relevant procedures when making the initial accreditation decision were not observed.
  2. Relevant and significant evidence or information was not considered (or not properly considered) in making the initial accreditation decision.
  3. Irrelevant information was considered in making the initial accreditation decision.
  4. An error was made in relation to a finding on a material fact.
  5. The manner in which the accreditation process was conducted was procedurally unfair.

The AASW does apply a fee for this process.