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Deathwalker training

Event Details
Date: 11-13 Dec 2020
Venue: Ulverstone
CPD hrs: 18


Organiser: Natural Death Care Centre

Death is natural and normal process but it is something that most of us are unfamiliar with and unprepared for. As professionals we can often find ourselves in situations where we are out of our comfort zone. By exploring and demystifying our own fears and beliefs about the death and dying process we are able to be authentic when dealing with others. It enables us to communicate from a neutral stance, supporting the client's right of self determination by not directing conversations in any particular direction, focusing on where the person is at and what they need from us. It enables us to be honest, compassionate and present when talking to children about death, when dealing with sudden death situations or when someone has taken their own life.

Everyone has the capacity and courage to do death well. This training builds on the innate awareness and strengths that we all have in order to accompany a dying person and their loved ones on their journey. By focusing on the person's strengths and building their resilience it enables them to make informed and preferred choices during the various stages of the dying process.

During the training you will also identify legal and practical resources that: assist the dying person to be prepared, inform others of their wishes should they need to advocate on their loved one's behalf, cover post-death considerations and option. You will also explore the continuum of life, death and loss, and the psychosocial factors that impact on this process.

Subjects covered are: Exploring and Embracing Death, Preparation and Advocacy, Caring for and being with the Dying, Funeral arrangements, Ceremony, Ritual and Rite of Passage, Bereavement, Loss & Growth.

Learning objectives

Exploring and Embracing Death

  • Explore and identify the many ways expected and sudden death can occur.
  • Identify the common general, spiritual/religious, physical & emotional concepts people have around acceptance and the fear of dying.

Preparation & Advocacy

  • Explore the need and value of preparation prior to death.
  • Understand the process, roles and services involved for advocating and working with others.
  • Identify the legal and non legal documentation, their purposes and when they become valid.

Caring for & being with Dying

  • Understand the dying process, the role of Palliative Care and other services and what they offer.
  • Explore the importance of cultivating presence and compassion when working with someone who is dying, their family and carers.
  • Identify how to communicate and interact with children regarding death & bereavement.
  • Identify resources and equipment that may be needed when caring for a dying person at home before and after death.

Funeral considerations and options

  • Identify areas to be addressed prior to making funeral arrangements, when researching a suitable Funeral Director or when the family/carer/friends are organising the funeral themselves.
  • Understand how to be with, assist and guide the bereaved family.
  • Responding to situations involving sudden death or when someone takes their own life.

Ceremony, Ritual & Rite of Passage

  • Explore options of different ceremonies.
  • Discuss the role of a Celebrant and what is involved when delivering a meaningful and appropriate ceremony.

Bereavement, Loss & Growth

  • Discuss and explore aspects of loss, sadness, grief and joy.
  • Explore how to be with your own and others loss.
  • Explore self care methods to assist with coping as a professional and preventing burn out.

Presenter details

Zenith Virago is a respected pioneer & acknowledged expert in the fields of holistic death & dying. With over 20 years experience, she has provided comfort, information and guidance to assist others through the natural and the sacred, the inner and outer journeying at the end of life.
With compassion and integrity she accompanies many people and those that love them, through their final and ultimate experience. Her enthusiastic and empowering approach allow for a richer exploration, whilst assisting people to reclaim their legal rights and their own rites of passage.
Zenith has Associate Diplomas in Law (Para Legal Studies) and Arts (Media, Radio, TV, Dance & Drama) and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Counselling. She has completed Clinical Pastoral Education training through the Buddhist Council of NSW and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Zenith has also trained in: Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Resolution, Conflict Resolution, Bereavement Counselling, Suicide Intervention & Prevention, Mental Health First Aid, Communicating Mindfully in Conflict and Difficult Situations, Deaf Awareness, Working with People with Disabilities and TESL. She is a Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant and has completed many trainings in Ritual, Ceremony, Celebration and Myth.
Amongst many other things, Zenith is a grandmother, a Para-legal, and the founding member, EO and Deathwalker Trainer of the non-profit Natural Death Care Centre. She is also a co-author of the Intimacy of Death and Dying. (Allen & Unwin 2009)

Location and date

Ulverstone Tasmania

11-13 December 2020


$695 concession



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