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ADOLESCENT CULTURE: ENGAGING AND MOTIVATING YOUNG PEOPLE - Tools and strategies to understand and effectively work with young people

Event Details
Date: 28 Oct 2020
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 7

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Organiser: The Professional Development People

* Also available as a live webcast on the 16th October 2020 click here

The Adolescent Culture workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to engage and be a part of an informative and experiential/interactive session about young people today. This workshop will include discussions, activities and information on adolescent culture, highlighting what young people are experiencing, feeling, participating in and experimenting with. In addition, participants will walk away with a tool belt with skills and strategies to best engage with and motivate young people. Training commences with an icebreaker and group agreement activity to ensure that all participants feel comfortable and safe to share and learn. This is particularly important with the topic area being discussed. The presentation includes but is not limited to information on adolescent culture, which will detail elements of alcohol and other drugs, sexual health (including sexual identity, gender diversity), mental health and social media to name a few. This presentation will be a snapshot of young people today, laying the foundation for the rest of the workshop. Brainstorming activities will be used to explore how best to engage with young people. This will give everyone the opportunity to discuss ways in which they have tried to engage young people and explore what worked, what challenges they experienced and importantly, what learning they took away from that engagement. This brainstorm will give all participants the chance to learn from each other. Scenarios will be built into the session. This will give participants the opportunity to think about what young people are experiencing today and the pressures they are under. Utilising scenarios will allow the room to navigate their way through motivating young people, taking into consideration the issues impacting them today. Together they will then explore and discuss strategies and ways that they can best support the young people they are working with and each other. Having a safe learning space to do this will create confidence in participants and subsequently, they will then utilise the skills and knowledge learnt in the session, in the outside world.

Learning objectives

  1. Understanding of adolescent culture – young people today.
  2. Increased understanding of the impact of issues such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, mental health and social media on young people.
  3. Increased confidence in engaging young people with effective tools and strategies.
  4. Increased understanding of the different support services available to young people (both organisations and online).
  5. Skills to motivate young people – understanding their needs and desires, setting goals and working with them to achieve these.

Presenter details

Kim Huckerby has spent the last 15 years working extensively with young people, parents, secondary schools, the corporate sector and the wider community. Her professional focus has been on adolescent development, engaging in diverse roles to pursue her passion in education and training about youth issues. Kim has navigated the adolescent space for many years and has found that through working in different areas such as psycho-education, outreach, mentoring and teaching/training, she has equipped herself with the necessary tools, skill base and knowledge to impart some of learnings with the wider community. Over the last few years, Kim has moved into strategic planning and management at Raise Foundation, as well as a newly appointment role in the Learning and Development space. She also runs her own business delivering Youth Mental Health First Aid courses.

Location and date

Mantra on Russell
222 Russell Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

28 October 2020

9:15am - 4:30pm

* Also available as a live webcast on the 16th October 2020 click here


Standard fee $298

This event is fully catered and all resources are provided.

Students and new graduates may apply to attend at a discount apply here.


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