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ADVANCED CLINICAL COURSE: Certificate of Advanced Clinical Hypnosis (CBT)

Event Details
Date: 14-19 October 2019
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 48 hrs + extra curricular study

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Organiser: Mind performance

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These training courses primarily fulfill category 2 and encompass skills and knowledge, but also the attitudes and behaviours of the participants. In addition, they promote safety systems in practice, ethical use of the skills and can influence the development of professional identity. There is a special component of regression and hypno-analytical therapy contained in this course. You will learn skills which are complimentary to those in the Clinical Course.

The core skills discussed in this course are: rapid inductions & somnambulism; life scripts and injunctions; regression to positive past experience; CBT & CBT in trance; Focussed Psychological Strategies; guided imagery; hypno-analysis and approaches to handle an abreaction; psycho-education; self instructional training; relaxation; skills training; how to avoid "false memory syndrome";

These skills can be used for:

  • Mixed anxiety depression
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Ego strengthening
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Performance enhancement

This course is designed to expand your range of clinical skills with hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & counselling. The skills which you will learn in this course can help you to tailor your therapy specifically to the person requiring therapy. This course is clinically orientated, to help you to be able to apply these skills with appropriate patients when you return to your practice immediately after the course. Each technique will be practised in groups of 2 or 3 and will include ego strengthening. You will develop confidence in using a wide range of practical skills.


Member of the AASW or

Registered with AHPRA

Presenter details

Dr Alan Fahey MB, BS MPsychiatry MPsychMed FASPsychMed

The principal presenter is Dr Alan Fahey who presents at every location. Consumers and carers sometimes participate in the presentation, as they provide their perspective to the professionals as part of the training process.

Location and dates


14-19 October 2019


There are 8 week and 4 week early bird discounts for the 6 day course for fees paid in full by the early bird date.

The 8 week early bird discounted fee is $2299 which includes 10% GST.
The 4 week early bird discounted fee is $2399 which includes 10% GST.
The full fee is $2499 which includes 10% GST.

This represents $200.00 discount for 8 weeks advance full payment or $100.00 discount for 4 weeks advance payment. All fees quoted above include 10% GST

Registration and other information

p: 02 9688 2300

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