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Advanced Trauma Therapy

Event Details
Date: ongoing
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: Minimum of 20 hours

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Organiser: Wisemind

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In this series, renowned international clinical psychologist Dr Janina Fisher helps us resolve our trauma and work through our trauma related disorders and emotions. This series consists of 29 individual therapy sessions, on topics including; Recognising Trauma; In this session, Dr Fisher investigates the possible origins of feelings of being distressed and how traumatic memories tend to isolate and alert us. Cultivating Resources; In this session, Dr Fisher shares simple tools clients can use to help them through difficult times, offering resources that can help with depression, hopelessness and feelings of defeat.

Trauma and The Body; In this session, Dr Fisher examines how after trauma the nervous system becomes dysregulated. Dr Fisher reviews the feelings surrounding the energy of the body and its purpose and she offers understanding and skills for regulating ourselves in these difficult times. Traumatic Attachment; In this two-part session, Dr Fisher investigates the outcomes in abusive relationships and the hallmarks of traumatic attachment. She examines the traumatised nervous system and its various defences.

Dissociation & Fragmentation; In this session, Dr Fisher investigates trauma-related disassociation and fragmentation. She considers the segments of the brain and how they are organised to view the world around us and how differently they respond once exposed to trauma.

Self-Alienation and Trauma; In this session, Dr Janina Fisher looks at how trauma changes our relationship to ourselves and its powerful effect on our sense of who we are, our sense of belonging and our sense of value. Trauma and Alcoholism; In this session, Dr Janina Fisher investigates the relationship between trauma and the overuse or addiction to alcohol. She provides a clinical example of alcohol being used as a very effective means of relieving the anxiety and/or numbness. Trauma & Eating Disorders; In this session, Dr Fisher investigates the relationship between trauma and eating disorders and how they work to help relieve the painful distressing emotions and the numb disconnected dead feeling inside. Dr Fisher looks at the various triggers and cause of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and over eating. She gives examples of the patterns that surround these behaviours and offers understanding and clinical skills for changing these patterns.

Suicidality & Unsafe Behaviour; In this session, Dr Fisher investigates suicide and unsafe behaviour and how it is well established that suicide and trauma go hand-in-hand. She offers clinical examples and looks at the challenges surrounding therapy. Trauma & Shame; In this session, Dr Fisher considers how trauma-induced shame can continue to be triggered well after the event and how many victims feel that they have been damaged beyond repair, never to recover. Dr Fisher proposes insights and skills on how clients can heal by changing their relationship with shame. Befriending Our Parts; In this two-part session, Dr Fisher investigates how many trauma survivors fear something is terribly wrong with them (disassociation) and reviews the many internal struggles. She outlines suggestions for healing and the skills that enable clients to facilitate their own recovery.

Emotional Intelligence; In this session, Dr Fisher investigates the meaning of emotional intelligence and considers both the left and right hemisphere of our brain. She compares the interpretation of events from each hemisphere and limitations of the right brain.

Retrain the Brain; In this session, Dr Janina Fisher introduces us to how the brain operates in our daily lives and as a survival mechanism our neural circuitry is organised to be alert and sensitive to traumatic experiences. Dr Fisher explores why the neural circuitry is more active to trauma triggers and why we are often hypersensitive to these triggers.

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Learning objectives

To learn new terminologies, techniques, structures and expert startegies from renowned trauma specialist Dr Janina Fisher. To develop a comprehensive understanding of trauma and how it impacts on children and adults. To discover new therapy approaches to help treat traumatised clients.

At the end of this series, you will be able to:

  • Examine & explain how traumatized people process information
  • Distinguish between the impact of trauma (i.e. a specific overwhelming experience) and disruptions of attachment, as in neglect and abuse.
  • Describe how early attachment trauma leads to fragmentation and development of distinct parts.
  • Identify manifestations of fragmented parts of the personality in distressing emotions, survival responses, negative beliefs, and self-judgments

Presenter details

Janina Fisher, Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Instructor at the Trauma Centre, an outpatient clinic and research centre founded by Bessel van der Kolk. Known for her expertise as both a clinician and consultant, she is also past president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, an EMDR International Association Credit Provider, a faculty member of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, and a former Instructor, Harvard Medical School. Dr Fisher has been an invited speaker at the Cape Cod Institute, Harvard Medical School Conference on Women, Summer and Winter Conference Series, EMDR International Association Annual Conference, University of Oslo, University of Wisconsin, the University of Westminster in London, the Psychotraumatology Institute of Europe, and the Esalen Institute. Dr Fisher lectures and teaches nationally and internationally on topics related to the integration of the neurobiological research and newer trauma treatment paradigms into traditional therapeutic modalities

Location and date

Online - through the portal.

Accessible at any point throughout the year, 24 hours a day


To access Dr Janina Fisher’s ‘Advanced Trauma Therapy’ series you will require a monthly (US $15 per month) or yearly (US $99 p.a) subscription. This subscription gives members 24/7 access to all content, including Dr Bessel van der Kolk’s ‘PTSD Relief Therapy’, Dr Pat Ogden’s ‘Body Wisdom Therapy’ and Dr Iain McGilchrist’s ‘Divided Brain Clinic’ series’, among many others



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