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National Symposium 2013 - Advancing Practice Through Research

Event Details
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: 1.5 hrs

$20 Members

$30 Non-members

Organiser: AASW National

There is broad agreement across Australian social work for the need to better integrate research with practice. The AASW National Research Committee has run a small grants program over the past three years, funding a series of practitioner and practice-based research projects. The program is part of the Committee’s strategy to promote a culture of research within the profession, and positions practitioner and practice-based research as making an important contribution to building the evidence base for social work practice and policy.

Grant recipients have investigated a diverse range of issues addressing the following learning and practice challenges: “Social work practice standards for end of life and palliative care”; “Exploring social worker’s experiences of working with bushfire affected families”; “An evaluation of the social work student learning module at Southern Health, Victoria”; “Experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in social work field placements”; and “the impact of grandparents health and wellbeing when separated from or denied access to their grandchildren and the implications for social work practice”.

In this interactive panel session, the grant recipients will reflect on their research journey arising from participation in the program: what it was like to come up with the idea; to progress it to its fruition; what were the challenges and what assisted them. This reflection will be structured around the following key questions:

  1. What was the learning or practice issue that they wanted to address?
  2. What did they find through the research?
  3. How did the research help them to advance their understanding/practice?
  4. Did the experience help demystify their understanding of the research process and stimulate their interest in undertaking further research and, if so, addressing what research questions?

Presenter details

Dr Fotina Hardy – Queensland University of Technology
Dr Debra Miles – James Cook University, QLD
Glenda Kerridge – Eastern Health, VIC
Julianne Whyte (PhD Candidate) – Amaranth Foundation, NSW
Dr Susan Gair and Erin Rigby – James Cook University, QLD
Dr Helen Hickson – La Trobe University, VIC


Video Details

This recording was filmed in November 2013

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes



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