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Building a resilient brain: How to apply the latest neuroscience based brain-changing techniques for better mental health

Event Details
Date: 2nd Aug 2019
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 7

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Organiser: TATRA

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Attend this experiential seminar and take home some of the latest evidence informed easy to implement, brain based interventions that you can start using with clients tomorrow. Becoming a neuro-psychotherapist does not require a comprehensive understanding of the entire brain, which is daunting, time consuming and ultimately unrealistic. Rather to become brain based clinicians, therapists need to understand the central key areas of the brain involved in mental health and mental illness how they function, and how therapy can change them in positive ways. This seminar gets to the heart of what is most important for clinicians to know about the brain without the academic jargon or dry lectures, with an emphasis on how to use what we know about the brain to help clients heal. Mechanisms or active ingredients, of various techniques are discussed with regard to brain areas impacted, allowing clinicians to better understand not only what works, but why it works.

This one day workshop, led by clinical psychologist Dr Jennifer Sweeton, shares the most up to date neuroscience research discoveries and teaches highly effective brain based techniques aimed at facilitating recovery from mental illness. Join Dr Sweeton for this program and discover how to develop and implement personalised, neuroscience based treatment plans, techniques and interventions for your clients

Learning objectives

  • Integrate brain based trauma intervention approaches into your practice
  • Help clients build a more resilient brain
  • Improve motivation and adherence to treatment
  • Teach clients how to modulate overwhelming emotions using the power of neuroplasticity and brain boosing practices
  • Master 7 key evidence informed neuroscience based strategies that promote post traumatic growth
  • Learn why the best evidence based trauma therapies can fail and how to improve their effectiveness by integrating the skills taught in this workshop
  • Utilise new insights from positive neurosciences to help clients not only recover but thrive

Presenter details

Jennifer Sweeton PsyD, MS, MA is a clinical psychologist speclising in neuroscience applications to psychotherapy. She completed her doctoral training in clinical psychology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, the National Centre for PTSD and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre.

Location and date

Bayview on the Park

2 August 2019


Early bird (available until 24 June): $338

Standard: $358



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