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Child sexual abuse (CSA) and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities: An education program for services providers in Australia

Event Details
Date: 27th Mar 2019
Venue: Sydney, NSW
CPD hrs: 4.5


Organiser: Dr Pooja Sawrikar

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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (2013–2017) identified Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities as a sub-group of Australia's population that we know very little about. To help heed the call on building knowledge and capacity in the services sector, a cultural competency education program has been developed. It is primarily designed for service providers in sexual assault and domestic violence organisations (e.g. counsellors, social workers, and psychologists), however general practitioners (GPs), psychiatrists, and relevant program trainers, researchers, and policy-makers are also welcome to attend.

As this program is newly developed, it is also being evaluated. Attendees will be invited to complete a short anonymous survey on information relating to the learning outcomes, just prior to the education program being delivered. They will also be invited to provide anonymous feedback at the end, about how satisfied they are with the education program.

The education program itself covers three areas of learning:

(i) making sense of data on prevalence of child sexual abuse across cultures, (ii) myths about child sexual abuse, and responses to disclosure, in CALD communities, and (iii) features of good practice for CALD client victims/survivors of child sexual abuse.

Learning objectives

  1. Family reputation is of utmost importance to protect in CALD collectivist communities; it permeates the entire 'psychosocial experience' of child sexual abuse.
  2. Racism threatens being able to reach CALD victims/survivors and shows that the experience of child sexual abuse across cultures is socially unjust. Child sexual abuse is already a heinous violation; adding this layer of injustice makes responsible use of racial and professional power in the clinical setting critical.
  3. Good practice requires a client-centred approach; start with their narrative about their abuse and let the role of culture, racism, and sexism emerge, to help them make an empowered journey toward becoming a 'survivor'

Presenter details

Dr Pooja Sawrikar is based at the School of Human Services and Social Work (HSV) at Griffith University (GU).

Location and date

Waldorf Parramatta Apartment Hotel
10-114 James Ruse Dr
NSW 2142

27 March 2019





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