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CLINICAL COURSE: Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis (CBT)

Event Details
Date: 1-6 Oct 2020
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 54 hours

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Organiser: Mind Performance - College of Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis, Counselling, Relaxation, Stress Management, Guided Imagery, Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) Course for Health Professionals.

N.B. This course includes Mental Health Skills Training (MH-ST Level 1) and Focussed Psychological Strategies Skills Training (FPS-ST Level 2) as required for general medical practitioners (GPs) to register with MEDICARE to use seven extra mental health item numbers and for generalist psychologists, social workers and OTs to also use MEDICARE FPS related mental health item numbers in clinical practice. This training has multiple professional accreditations to support continued registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

The 2020 Clinical Course is being held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

  • Increase your therapeutic power
  • Boost compliance
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Expand your practice
  • Empower your patients/clients/consumers

You will learn how to help your patients with and without medication. Many students comment that this is one of the best courses that they have ever attended. Learn the theory and how to put it into practice. This is a practical course. You can expect to learn a lot at this course and then to enjoy using these new skills – for self hypnosis and for helping your patients. You will learn and understand how hypnosis is produced, including its occurrence in every day life. Hypnosis is used to empower people and to increase their self efficacy.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of CBT, guided imagery, counselling, stress management and relaxation. The emphasis is on using a positive approach with your patients. Each day the whole group relaxes together. CBT and the FPS form the platform for the knowledge and skills acquired in this course.

Each time we relax, confidence building suggestions are given to improve wellbeing, concentration and self esteem.

You will also be practising relaxation and hypnosis with your colleagues each day in small groups. Group debriefing follows practical sessions. All activities are voluntary. No activity is compulsory. You will learn a variety of techniques so that you can vary the relaxation, guided imagery, CBT approach or hypnotic procedure according to the personality of the patient.

Rapid techniques are included which are useful for the busy practitioner.

  • You will learn how to achieve relaxation and self hypnosis.
  • When you know how to develop a feeling of relaxation yourself, you are more effective in using relaxation with others. By the end of this course, you can expect to be proficient at inducing relaxation, guided imagery and hypnosis and using CBT techniques with appropriate patients.
  • You can use these skills in your practice immediately.

Participants for courses must be social workers with current practice indemnity or be nationally registered health professionals including mental health nurses, medical practitioners, occupational therapists and psychologists..


Dr Alan Fahey, Medical Practitioner

Location and date


Date to be confirmed - due to Covid-19 please contact provider for further details


There are 8 week and 4 week early bird discounts for the 6 day course for fees paid in full by the early bird date.

The 8 week early bird discounted fee is $ 2,299 which includes 10% GST.
The 4 week early bird discounted fee is $2,399 which includes 10% GST.
The full fee is $2,499 which includes 10% GST.

This represents $200.00 discount for 8 weeks advance full payment or $100.00 discount for 4 weeks advance payment..


p: 02 9688 2300

AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers