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Domestic Violence and Homelessness

Event Details
Date: Upon request
State: Australia - Nationwide
CPD hrs: 7

Full fee: $250
AASW members or students: $230

Organiser: Dr Geraldene Mackay
Further information

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This training develops a socially informed strengths based, trauma informed, person-centred response response at the direct practice level to help those with experiences of domestic violence with homelessness. In experiences of domestic violence with homelessness service users need to deal with problems of rebuilding their life in the context of violence and a dysfunctional housing market.
Any social intervention for experiences of domestic violence with homelessness requires an intervention to help with environmental factors and to help with internal experiences. Practitioners must understand the role of coercive control and intersectionality in the experiences of clients. A strengths-based, trauma informed, person centred response meets both these tasks.
This training unpacks and explores 'hope' inherent in the strengths approach, it looks at the empathic welcome inherent in a person-centred approach and the mental health promoting understandings in a trauma informed model.

Learning objectives

1. Understand the links between domestic violence and homelessness.
2. Understand intersectionality and coercive control in relation to DV and homelessness
3. Understand the need for a socially based response rather than a personal deficit approach.
4. Use of the Strengths based approach in interventions
5. Use of Trauma informed approaches in interventions
6. Use of Person centred care approaches in interventions.

Presenter details

Geraldene Mackay, PhD, BSW(Hons), AMHSW, Clinical Social Worker is a private practitioner in Victoria Australia. Geraldene has experience in multiple social work contexts and brings practical interventions to the training she provides. Geraldene has presented, written and lectured about a number of social work topics.


Australia wide (dates subject to demand).
Contact the presenter for more information.


Full fee: $250
AASW members or students: $230



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