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Eating Disorder Inpatient Management

Event Details
Date: Ongoing
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: 9

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Organiser: Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD)

This elearning program was developed to support non-specialist health practitioners to increase their knowledge, develop their skills and improve their confidence in managing people with severe eating disorders who require admission to NSW public hospitals. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa in their severe forms often require a period of hospitalisation for medical stabilisation and to initiate refeeding. Eating Disorder Inpatient Management (EDIM) addresses this component of the treatment journey. There are three parts to the curriculum: Part One: The Essentials module covers all basic knowledge common across eating disorder presentations and precedes the case story learning. Part Two: Child and Adolescent Part Three: Adults Parts two and three each contain four case studies that describe the practical aspects of care for people with severe eating disorders, across a range of care pathways depicted in video scenarios. The case stories provide information about: - Screening, assessment and identification of eating disorders - Necessary medical and psychological investigations and responses - Nutritional management and re-feeding - Behavioural management - Setting up a multi-disciplinary team (roles and responsibilities) - Setting up access and discharge pathways for care - Providing patient and family-centered care - Communicating with the patient and family members.

Learning objectives

This elearning resource will develop health practitioners knowledge, skills and confidence to:

  1. 1. Screen and assess eating disorder related issues in patients with active symptoms of eating disorders to identify indicators for admission
  2. Support patients with more chronic and complex eating disorder presentations including those who refuse care and may require involuntary treatment.
  3. Identify the relationship between presenting symptoms and eating disorder severity to determine the appropriate location within the hospital setting for the provision of care
  4. Implement management plans for inpatient admissions targeting medical stability, nutritional rehabilitation and addressing psychological co-morbidities.
  5. Coordinate a multi-disciplinary approach and define the role each health practitioner plays in the assessment, triage, treatment and management of a patient presenting with a severe eating disorder.
  6. Implement strategies to manage the challenges of medical, nutritional and behavioral issues during an inpatient admission.
  7. Understand strategies to communicate with patients, carers and families in a collaborative and empathetic way
  8. Increase awareness of clinician burnout and ways to integrate self-care and support for health professionals working in this area


EDIM Foundations - FREE

EDIM Children & Adolescents Learning Path - $AUD 120

EDIM Adult Learning Path - $AUD 120

EDIM C&A and Adults Learning Path - $AUD180


Approximately 9 hours

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