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Individual & Group Supervision Training

Event Details
Date: 26 - 28 Mar 2021
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 120 (including 3 days training and readings etc)

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Organiser: Supervision Training Services

Supervison Training Services and Sydney Supervision Training Services workshops are recognised by ACA, ACWA, AHA, ASCH, PACFA.

We offer the “RISE UP” Model of supervision training,this three day program is based on global benchmarked curriculam with concepts gleaned from best practice. The training will equipe particpants with the competencies needed for delivering group or individual supervision and the theoretical knowledge that, when combined with appropriate practical experience can serve as a fountation for a career as a professional supervisor in either a service or an academic setting.

STS’s Individual & Group supervision is suitable for all health professionals. This face to face course culminates in a formal assessment phase.

Supervision will become more of a necessity in society as the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commision into Institional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse are handeddown and the National Code of Conduct for hHealth Workers is cinsidered.

STS’s Staff are all registered PACFA, ACA, ASCH Supervisors, having many years supervision in private practice affording them extensive insight into cases and a high standard of input into issues presented in professional supervision.

The “”RISE UP” Training Philosophy is there are no role plays in a trainig program.Our philosophy is that you cant learn the real from the unreal. All students are to bring real and relevent issues relating to supervision to the training.

Learning objectives

  • To identify concepts and principles underling supervision

  • To increase participants ability to identify and apply a range of theories Motivational, power,learning,parallel processes,transference and counter transference,cognitive and emotional process,system theory.

  • To increase participants understanding and ability to make an educational assessment incorporating application of theories of professional development a stages and learning styles.

  • To increase participants understanding of the range of models of practice and to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses out of their connections to the range of models.

  • To heighten participants capacity to analyse new problems presented.

Presenter details

Barbara Matheson is a highly experienced Professional Supervisor and a Optimise Potentail Trainer and Assesser, she is a Honorary Member of Australia Counselling Association (ACA) and a Fellow of Counsellors Victoria (CV). Registered with Australian Counselling Assocaition (ACA) College of Supervisors.

Judith Szucsis is the assistant Presenter and Assesser for the Melbourne training, she has a Bachelor of Community Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drugs,she also is a experienced ShiatsuTherapist and Lifestyle coach.Registered with Australian Counselling Assocaition (ACA) College of Supervisors.

Lyndall Briggs delivers the Training in Sydney she has a successful practice in Hypnotherapy and Counselling for 20 years, she is the Creator of Mental Massages MPS tracks. also the President of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapist(ASCH). Registered supervisor with Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapist(ASCH) and the Australian College of Supervisors (ACA).

Location and dates

Ross House
247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne CBD

26-28 March 2021

9:00am - 4:00pm


Discount to AASW members: $795 per person
Standard: $850 per person



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