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Integrated evidence-based approaches to working with clients with Borderline Personality Disorder

Event Details
Date: 9th May 2019
Venue: Sydney, NSW
CPD hrs: 7

Early bird: $338
Standard: $358

Organiser: Tatra
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Attend this workshop and join a leading expert in the field of BPD, Dr Jeff Riggenbach, as he presents a multimodal approach to managing and treating this client population. Leave this enjoyable and information packed seminar with a new ability to help clients with BPD deal with issues related to self harm, multiple suicide attempts, frequently hurt feelings, intense and unpredictable mood swings, shame, trauma, toxic relationships and other problems that impair their ability to successfully function in society. You will leave this workshop equipped with techniques to assist these clients you no longer need to experience as frustrating and exhausting.

Borderline personality disorder is widely considered the most difficult to treat diagnosis faced by the mental health community. Co-occuring BPD characteristics are associated with treatment failure for a broad range of other conditions. Until recent years, many practitionres have considered the BPD diagnosis 'untreatable' but the emerging research suggests this is simply not the case. DBT has paved the way in pioneering new attitudes and outcomes when working with this condition. Although components of DBT skills training are helpful most of the time, some individuals continue to respond poorly to treatment due to poor engagement or lack of access to such treatment. Many clients who suffer from BPD lack motivation, have poor insight, and some have deeply engrained dysfunctional beliefs, unhealthy coping skills, and destructive behavioural patterns that continue to frustrate providers and family members.

Other evidence based approaches offer simple but powerful techniques to compliment DBT that help promote change at a deeper level in your most challenging client. Improving outcomes have prompted the DSM to recently note "prognosis for many patients with BPD is actually quite good".

This workshop will equip the participants with sufficient practical knowledge and abilities to introduce clients to a range of evidence based techniques that will assist clients to manage life, emotions, relationships and such issues.

Learning objectives

  • Master essential characteristics of BPD and recognise critical features of BPD disrupting treatment in various levels of care
  • Refine diagnostic skills and develop language to educate your clients about their diagnosis
  • Understand the key differential diagnosis considerations
  • Learn the role co-occuring disorders play in treatment failures
  • Identify 8 motivations for parasuicidal/self injurious behaviour and appropriate interventions for each
  • Evaluation the efficacy of various modalitites including DBT, CBT and Schema Therapy and implement the most effective strategies from each
  • Develop a multimodal approach to BPD that involves short term symptom management skills as well as long term treatment strategies

Presenter details

Dr Jeff Riggenbach is one of the most sought after trainers in the USA in the area of CBT and personality functioning. He has authored three books. His best seller 'The CBT toolbox: a Workbook for clients and clinicians' was recently named one of the 30 best self help books for depression. 'BPD toolbox: A Practical Evidence Based Guide to Regulating Intense Emotions' won two Benjamin Franklin awards for being among the best books in the categories of psychology and self help. His third book 'Personality Disorders Toolbox' was released in November 2018.

Location and date

SMC Conference and Function Centre

9 May 2019


Early bird: $338 (registrations prior to 8 April)
Standard: $358



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