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Managing Emotions (ME) Online 10 Session Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Informed Skills Training Program for Health Care Professionals- Social Workers

Event Details
Date: Ongoing
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: 10

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Organiser: Expressive Therapy Clinic

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‘ME’ MANAGING EMOTIONS – 10 SESSION ONLINE PROGRAM - Videos and Workbook/Manual included

The ME Program contains:
Introduction DBT History,Skills Training, Individual Therapy, Styles of DBT 1-6

  1. What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – Wise Mind 7-14
  2. Mindfulness 15-20
  3. Distress Tolerance – TIPP and Distraction 21-26
  4. Distress Tolerance – STOP and Improve the moment 27-31
  5. Checking The Facts – Radical Acceptance 32-36
  6. Understanding Emotions – Model of Emotions – Functions of Emotions and Opposite Action to Emotions 37-38
  7. Vulnerabilities to Emotions-Know your Triggers – Primary and Secondary Emotions 39-44
  8. Interpersonal Effectiveness-Goals-DEAR MAN GIVE FAST 45-48
  9. Diary Card and Chain Analysis 49-52
  10. Walking the Middle Path-Revision-Summary Diary Card 53-55
  11. Conclusion Resources and references 56-59

All materials in this ME Managing Emotions Program have been adapted from Professor Marsha Linehan’s Skills Training Manuals 1993, 2015 and information from or modifications to those © documents. Some documents have also been adapted from The DBT Adolescent Manual written by Jill Rathus and Alec Miller 2014. Some documents have been designed by Expressive Therapy Clinic. All clients have given permission for their artwork to be used.

Learning objectives

The intended audience for this program is health care professionals who work in fields where teaching skills is an important part of their role. These DBT Informed skills are an adaption of Prof Marsha Linehan’s skills described in her 2nd Edition DBT Skills Training Manual (2015). It is envisaged that clinicians will be able to deliver these skills in a variety of settings both inpatient and outpatient and in community. The learning objectives are as follows:
Participants will gain knowledge in:

  • How to understand the original structure of DBT
  • How DBT can be modified for a variety of populations
  • How to conduct a skills training group
  • How to conduct individual therapy
  • How to complete diary cards and chain analysis
  • How to add creativity to the DBT skills based learning

Presenter details

Megan is the founder of Expressive Therapy Clinic. She resides and works in Tweed Heads, New South Wales. She have completed a Graduate Diploma in Expressive Therapies and a Masters Degree in Art Therapy at the University of Western Sydney. She has worked as an Art Psychotherapist for many years in the fields of Disability, Addictions and Behavioural therapy. Megan’s passion is facilitating programs and individual therapy sessions that help clients learn experientially through creativity alongside the skills taught in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). She has found over the last 15 years that this approach assists clients suffering symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, behavioural issues, PTSD and specifically clients who suffer the traits of Borderline Personality Disorder. Megan was the DBT Co-ordinator of all DBT programs at Sydney Clinic for over 4 years. She has also worked as a consultant to other Private Hospitals in Sydney providing these services. Megan has been trained as a Group Facilitator and an Individual DBT Therapist through Marsha Linehan’s accredited trainers ‘Behavioral Technologies LLC’. She offers training sessions for other allied health practitioners and has trained over 2000 health care professionals in the last 8 years in a ‘2 Day Intensive DBT Training (face to Face). Megan has also trained staff at NGO’s around Australia in intensive DBT Training.

Megan is a Level 4 ACA Counsellor and is a registered Clinical Supervisor.
Megan has lectured at several Universities including the University of Western Sydney and and Bond University and has supervised student placements.
Megan has published an article on my work in Art Psychotherapy and DBT in the 2nd Edition of ANZJAT (Australia and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy) on DBT and Art Psychotherapy. Megan have presented at Conferences in Australia and Internationally over the last 10 years.
Megan has developed an Online 10 Session DBT Informed training program for Health Care Professionals launched in May 2018.

Location and date

Online - available on demand


$440.00 including GST



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