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Mental State Examination: eLearning course

Event Details
Date: ongoing
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: 6


Organiser: Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning

Event date has passed

Learners are taught: The components of a mental state examination (MSE) and how to identify them; how to develop their observational skills; and how to to enhance their skills in the supplementary aspects of the MSE such as questions they can ask an individual to obtain specific information required for an assessment. The course introduces a wide vocabulary of terms to describe behavioural observations, and provides a standardised structured format for documenting the mental state examination.

Learning objectives

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • define and outline the structure and components of a MSE
  • use a wide vocabulary of terms to describe what they observe in a MSE
  • identify and differentiate signs and symptoms within the various components of an MSE.

Method of delivery

Online via the Queensland Centre of Mental Health Learning

Available 24 hours per day


Free of charge



p: (07) 3271 8837

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