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NARCISSISM: APPLYING PERSPECTIVES FROM PSYCHOANALYSIS AND SCHEMA THERAPY - Schema interventions for working with Narcissistic Personality Disordered clients

Event Details
Date: 28 Nov 2020
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 7

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Organiser: The Professional Development People

Participants are expected to bring to the workshop a de-identified case of a person in treatment for narcissistic issues. This will be shared in small peer groups and provide a focus for working clinically with such clients. The content of the day will include psychoanalytic and schema therapy perspectives on narcissism. This will lead to an appreciation of the Self Psychology understanding of the structure of the self and the skill of empathic attunement with this focus. The day will include discussion of narcissistic rage and a role-play with practice of attunement. The mode model will be explained from schema therapy with a focus on Self Aggrandizer mode. There will be a role play demonstration of attunement and chair work in schema therapy. Insights from Wendy Behary and a schema therapy mode formulation of Eloise, an elite athlete will be explored along with the notion from Jeff Young of ‘entitled dependence’. The idea of hidden or implicit learning as this applies to narcissism will be workshoped with a challenge to come up with three hidden learnings that may have contributed to participant’s case study. Then the discovery of hidden learning using sentence completion and the idea or pre-cognitive choices will be applied. The booklet Hidden Learning: The way we are wired for intimacy will be given to all workshop participants as either a pdf or paper copy.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the psychological development of the diagnosis and understanding of narcissism
  • Appreciate the perspective of Self Psychology in understanding the structure of the self.
  • Increase skills in empathic attunement targeting self structure.
  • Understand the schema therapy mode model in relation to narcissism.
  • Applying chair work in treating the narcissist.
  • Understanding hidden learning in relation to the treatment of narcissism.
  • Using sentence completion to discover and treat underlying narcissistic assumptions.

Presenter details

Dr Bruce A. Stevens (PhD Boston University, 1987) is the Wicking Professor of Ageing and Practical Theology at Charles Sturt University, Canberra, Australia. He founded Canberra Clinical and Forensic Psychology in Canberra with over twenty clinical psychologists. He is an endorsed clinical and forensic psychologist, who has written ten books for publishers such as Random House, Harper Collins, PsychOz Publications, Australian Academic Press, Wiley-Blackwell and New Harbinger. He has written four books on schema therapy, including an influential one on couple therapy and most recently Contextual Schema Therapy, with Eckhard Roediger and Rob Brockman, New Harbinger 2018. His latest book is The Storied Self (Fortress Academic, 2018) on narrative gerontology. He is ISST accredited for training in individual and couple therapy.

Location and date

Mantra on Russell
222 Russell Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

28 November 2020



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