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NONDUAL AWARENESS & NARRATIVE THERAPY: EAST MEETS WEST - A full day of experiences and training to utilise the present more effectively

Event Details
Date: 28 Nov 2020
Venue: Sydney, NSW
CPD hrs: 7

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Organiser: The Professional Development People

Western psychology focuses on how I am (thoughts, feelings, behaviour and so on) and who I am (identity, personality, etc.). These themes are central to most therapies. However, something is missing, something that has traditionally been the focus of the Eastern approach... and that is that I am, the fact of being, the enduring and underlying self that is so intimate, so essential, so unfailing that it is usually overlooked. A little examination reveals that we are not our experience, we are that that knows our experience… I am that. Not making this distinction is a major component of suffering. Much like a movie projected on a screen, our experience (the movie) and our awareness (the screen) are intimately connected and yet utterly distinct. Project a movie of a fire onto a screen and it will never set the screen alight. Who I am and how I am can be debated, are subject to change, and are frequently a source of concern and anxiety. There is no solidity here. That I am is the most self-evident and primary knowledge we have. And it never changes; regardless of how successful or not we are, how happy or not we are, where we are or how old we are, this always underpins and illuminates our experience. Also referred to as Self, Being, Awareness, Presence, the Unconditioned Mind and Non Dual Awareness, the Buddhists call this ‘the ultimate medicine’ and the source of peace, happiness and compassion. The purpose of this workshop is to become more attuned to that, to be able to abide in or as that more frequently and with greater ease and clarity - and to be able to evoke that with clients. To this end, some Narrative Therapy ideas are incorporated: particularly Narrative's insight into meaning making, identity conclusions, multiple identities, externalising, social constructionism and de-constructive practices. However, where Narrative might seek to construct a new and preferred narrative, nondual approaches leave us with no story, simply being! Our culture heavily promotes the idea of being someone and getting somewhere in order to qualify for life, this nondual approach is a breath of fresh air. Dialogue, silences, simple awareness exercises and various conceptual frameworks will support the day.

Learning objectives

  • Orient to nondual presence within themselves.
  • Provide clients with an opening to that which is problem-free.
  • Recognise and deconstruct identity conclusions more skillfully.
  • Identify and step outside of common and frequently problematic dualities.
  • Be more present and utilise the present more effectively.

Presenter details

Adrian van den Bok. At the age of fifteen I bought a book on psychology and a book on Buddhism. Almost fifty years later I am still drawing on Eastern and Western approaches to the business of living and, particularly, the alleviation of suffering. In addition to decades of informal study, numerous short courses and workshops, hundreds of hours of personal therapy and extensive experience in consciousness development, I bring the following training and experience to my work today: Trained in Analytical Psychotherapy, The Psychotherapy Centre, London; Accredited Diploma in Individual Psychotherapy & Relationship Counselling, Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney; Internship Certificate (supervised practice); Masters Degree in Cultural Psychology – Narrative Studies, University of Western Sydney; Certified Focusing Oriented Therapist, The Focusing Institute, New York. I have worked as a lecturer, individual or group supervisor for numerous organisations including the Jansen Newman Institute, the Australian College of Applied Psychology, the University of Notre Dame, Raise Foundation, KidsXpress, CCWT (Centre for Community Welfare Training), PDP (Professional Development People), Lifeline North Coast, Mission Australia and St Vincent de Paul Society. Teaching includes Masters level subjects. Clinical member of PACFA and a PACFA Accredited Supervisor.

Location and date

UTS Short Course Rooms
Level 7, Building 10,
235 Jones Street,
Ultimo, NSW 2007

28 November 2020

9:15am - 4:30pm


Standard fee $298

This event is fully catered and all resources are provided.

Students and new graduates may apply to attend at a discount apply here.


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