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NSW - Connect:ED Webinar - STARTTS

Event Details
Date: Wednesday 10 November 2021
Time: 12.00pm-12.30pm
Venue: Online
State: NSW
CPD hrs: 0.5hr


Organiser: AASW NSW


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0.5 CPD hour

STARTTS (Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) Systemic Model and Community Development Principles

State terrorism and organised violence target the very essence of a community: relationships between individuals, families and other social groups. When relationships are affected, communities are likely to fragment and severe lack of trust pervades social interaction. The situation is exacerbated in communities that are already fraught with political, ethnic and religious complexities and divisions as many refugee communities in Australia are.

While taking into account the challenges faced by refugee communities, one needs to acknowledge significant strengths those communities bring to Australia including their culture, social capital, knowledge, skills, resilience, passion and commitment to building a new life for themselves, their families and community. Thus the principles of community work with refugee communities should include recognition of these strengths, understanding of the collective impact of state terrorism and organised violence, consideration of the systemic model, honouring community ownership of the development process, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, integrity of the process, organic and multifaceted approach to community work, willingness to negotiate systems and processes to ensure community ownership and leadership, commitment building and mentoring of community leaders and recognition of mutual learning process. STARTTS believes that community development work has a potential to be transformative on personal, interpersonal and community levels.

Presenter: Jasmina Bajraktarevic

Jasmina came to Australia in 1993 as a refugee from Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is a Social Worker (Hon 1, University Medal) and the Community Services Coordinator at STARTTS. Her knowledge and expertise range from individual trauma counselling, through groupwork and community development to management, staff supervision, not-for-profit governance, policy analysis and development, project management and tender writing.

Jasmina manages a section STARTTS consisting of over 60 staff including Community Development Team, Youth Team, School Liaison Team, Families in Cultural Transition (FICT) Team and Mental Health Community Living Supports for Refugees (MH-CLSR) team as well as staff covering STARTTS LGBTIQA+ Project, volunteer management, policy analysis and input, community development evaluation, community cultural development, grant and tender writing and community capacity building. Jasmina has significant Board experience and is currently on the Boards of the Refugee Council of Australia and NSW Refugee Communities Advocacy Network as well as a member of the World Pride Sydney Advisory Committee. In the past, she was on Boards of Karitane, NSW Multicultural Youth Affairs Network (MYAN), Immigrant Women’s Speakout and Western Sydney Area Health Service.

Date: Wednesday 10 November 2021

Time: 12.00pm

Location: Online

This AASW NSW Connect:ED webinar is part of a series helping Social Workers to connect with new ideas and reflect on their own practice. We focus on bringing everyday social workers to talk about their practice, ideas and experiences of social work. Webinars are 30 minutes (including short Q&A) and where agreed with the presenter, will be recorded for those who cannot participate in real time.

Registrations are open to everyone nationally.

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