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Postgraduate training course in Clinical Hypnosis

Event Details
Date: Mar - Nov 2020
Venue: Brisbane, Qld
CPD hrs: minimum of 120

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Organiser: The Australian Society of Hypnosis

The Society’s Postgraduate Training Course in Clinical Hypnosis consists of fully integrated online and Face-to-Face [F2F] training components that together give social workers the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to effectively utilise clinical hypnosis in their professional setting. Students will learn all they need to know about hypnosis and trance, to enable them to hypnotise; de-hypnotise; become familiar with the phenomena of trance; contraindications to the use of hypnosis; learn to assess hypnotic capacity; how to utilise hypnosis with CBT; and script-writing for anxiety disorders treatment in trance and hypnosis techniques useful in the treatment of the full range of disorders and behavioural issues they encounter in the clinical setting.

This innovative course is an interesting and effective way to discover how to use clinical hypnosis with clients. Students complete each online component within a scheduled structure, coupled with homework exercises and face-to-face training days with other students and supervisors. There are set topics for presentation on each F2F Day, but they are also structured to enable students to focus on the specialist applications in their clinical setting. Students are not lectured to about clinical hypnosis, but learn specific techniques for trance utilisation with clients.

The course has a number of online modules which must be completed in sequence. At regular intervals, students complete Homework Exercises requiring them to write reports of hypnotic assessments and scripts for clients. These are assessed as hurdle exercises before students move to the next course components. Integrated with online materials, students attend five face-to-face training days (at regular stages during completion of the online materials). These are designed as practical skills training days, to provide students with the techniques and strategies needed to effectively use trance with clients and their issues.

Learning objectives

Students will:

  1. Gain an understanding as to the nature of hypnosis and its history as an application in therapy;
  2. Learn to identify the phenomena associated with trance;
  3. Learn how to assess hypnotic capacity using a standard test and scoring both quantitative and qualitative data;
  4. Learn how to write suitable scripts for clients, to achieve induction, deepening and de-induction;
  5. Learn how to apply trance with different clients to achieve therapeutic outcomes;
  6. Learn the contraindications to hypnosis and the categories of clients for whom clinical hypnosis is not appropriate;
  7. Learn how to deal with any difficulties for clients that may arise during the use of trance; and
  8. Identify those clients who may benefit most from clinical hypnosis.

Presenter details

Online material

Dr Barry Evans PhD, MA was a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Monash University before moving to the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne in 2002. He has written three books on clinical hypnosis (Hypnosis in Australia; Hypnosis and the Law; Hypnosis for Weight Management and Eating Disorders) and has taught clinical hypnosis since 1986. He was Editor of the Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis in the 1990s.

Face-to-Face Training

Dr Diane McGreal PhD, MEdPsych, DipClinHypn is a Psychologist with 30 years' experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist. She uses clinical hypnosis with clients regularly and has also taught clinical hypnosis in many settings. She recently conducted clinical hypnosis training with Clinical Psychologists in Hong Kong and has presented at national and international congresses of hypnosis. Dianne presents regularly on matters relating to personal wellbeing in the media and at community forums.

Location and date

Robertson Gdns Hotel,
Kessels Rd
Nathan QLD

A combination of online study and face to face training days from March to November 2020.

Face to face days include: 28 March; 16 May; 20 June; 15 August; and 12 October 2020


$3740 (can pay in full or by instalment)



AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers