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Creating a successful social work private practice - Part 1

Event Details
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: 4 hours

AASW Members $214

Student members $154

Non-members $314

Organiser: AASW

This four hour online workshop covers in depth the process of setting up and running a private social work practice so that you can be successful in all the ways that you might define this. It is a very practical course. A business plan template is included in the course for you to download and work on as you progress through the material (the fee of $15 for this is included in the price of the course).

It includes video presentations and links to relevant documentation covering:

  • Transitioning into private practice
  • Business Planning, utilising the provided planning template, and how important this process is to ensure success
  • An introduction to marketing

Learning objectives

Participants will have an understanding of

  • the practicalities of setting up a private practice
  • the process of running a private practice on a day to day basis
  • be able to develop and implement a business plan
  • acquire new knowledge and skills for private practice (including a knowledge of financial, management, marketing and administrative processes) and an introduction to marketing
  • be able to effectively plan or improve their private practice.
A follow on Part 2 course is available now (as of April 2016)

Presenter details

Doug Burke is an experienced facilitator, group worker, program manager, social worker, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, clinical counsellor and Medicare provider. Doug has more than 30 years clinical experience, and specialises in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression.

He works in private practice (theraFIT Pty Ltd), having previous clinical and group work experience in the Australian Government’s Vietnam Veterans and Families Counselling Service (for 19 years). Doug has been in private practice full time since 2001 and had a part-time private practice for over a decade prior to that.


This is a recording of a presentation held by South Australian branch in 2014. This recording has been further developed into a SWOT course.


Members $214

Student members $154

Non-members $314


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