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Providing grief counselling in the context of multiple losses associated with refugee trauma and resettlement

Event Details
Date: 26-27 September 2019
Venue: Sydney, NSW
CPD hrs: 15

Concession: $299

Standard: $349

Organiser: STARTTS

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Loss and associated grief are defining characteristics of the refugee experience. This two-day clinical workshop will give participants a greater awareness of the key components of loss and grief counselling when assessing and treating refugee survivors of torture and trauma. It will introduce participants to a model of cross cultural grief treatment and its relevance to the refugee resettlement context associated with the loss of loved ones and homeland, change of social status, and a loss of a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose. It will give participants practical strategies for how to treat grief, including traumatic grief, and assist clients rebuild their lives in Australia.

Workshop program

  • Challenges of working with loss and grief
  • Loss, grief, bereavement and mourning in the context of refugee trauma
  • Stages of grief in the context of refugee experiences
  • Cultural bereavement
  • Mourning across cultures
  • Cross-cultural interventions and practical strategies
  • Transference and countertransference

Learning objectives

  • To understand who are refugees and the context of political conflict, organised violence and human rights violations
  • To have an appreciate of the multiple and ongoing losses experienced
  • To understand the impact of torture and other types of refugee traumatic experiences on the resettlement process
  • To understand the different definitions of grief, complicated grief, traumatic grief, mourning etc and their relationship to the refugee context
  • To understand cultural bereavement
  • To have an appreciation of how people mourn across different cultures and how this can be incorporated into clinical treatment
  • To know the important ways to treat grief
  • To understand transference and countertransference

Presenter details

Nooria Mehraby MD is a senior clinician and clinical trainer at STARTTS. Herself a former refugee, Nooria has more than 25 years experience working with refugees both overseas and here in Australia. This includes over 20 years experience at STARTTS. Nooria first trained as a medical doctor in her native Afghanistan and later obtained a Master of Counselling with Distinction in Australia. Nooria is an experienced national and international conference speaker and is the author of multiple publications (including textbook contributions) on refugee trauma, cross-cultural approaches and working with children. Nooria has lectured in various universities in NSW and has facilitated clinical workshops across Australia. She is currently teaching trauma counselling as a part of the Master of Clinical Counselling at the Australian Catholic University.

Nooria is the editor of Refugee Trauma and Cross-Cultural Approaches sections of the Psyche visual Online Journal, and was formerly the editor of Interface Column in Psychotherapy in Australia. Her particular interest is in developing cross-cultural therapeutic interventions with refugees, especially with Muslim clients. In her current position as STARTTS’ Clinician Trainer, she brings clinical expertise to STARTTS’ wide range of training programs and regularly delivers workshops to service providers. She has trained hundreds of clinicians working in trauma assessment and interventions. In 2015 she was the recipient of Australian Muslim Professional of the Year Award.

Location and date


26-27 September 2019


Concession: $299

Standard: $349



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