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QLD - OL Working with People using substances (P1) / Substance Use: Data around links with Child Protection and DFV (P2)

Event Details
Date: 13 & 20 Jun 2022
Time: 11.30am - 1.00pm
Venue: Brisbane, Qld
State: Qld
CPD hrs: 3
CPD Category: Category 3 - Professional Identity - Professional Networking & Workshops

Members: (incl GST) - $60.00

Non-Members: (incl GST) - $75.00

Organiser: AASW Qld Branch
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Summary of Activity

Substance use can be a contentious political, ethical and moral topic, with many Social Workers feeling uncertain and uncomfortable working with people who are using substances. Yet substance use, which occurs along a continuum, intersects many of the specific practice areas within which we work, such as Child protection, Domestic and Family Violence and mental health.

Good Social work assessment, engagement, intervention and practice comes alongside the development of our comfortability and confidence in this area practice area. Quality practice that embodies our core values of professional integrity, respect for persons and social justice principles, aligns with our confidence and competence in this area.

This presentation allows you to take the initial steps in developing your skills and knowledge as we work toward quality Social Work practice that is competent and confident, developing a framework that is scaffolded by practice wisdom .

The topics are pertinent to the core business of Social work as a profession, as they are related to professional integrity, respect for persons and social justice principles.

Part one will include:

Understand substance use along its continuum, the most important aspects to successful outcomes and resources to help assessment and interventions.

Part two will include:
What are the links and data that help us understand this relationship, what is our approach and what is the association?

Who should attend?

Social workers new to the field, and those seeking to immerse themselves in the exploration and reflection of this topic.

Learning Outcomes?

How to:

  • assess
  • use of self; and
  • where to find resources for practice

Meet the Presenter

Lillian Flanagan is the Manager of a DFV Service in South Brisbane. The Service provides intervention across the DFV continuum; from Assessment and Response, High Risk teams, Therapeutic counselling for women and Children through to Service and Community capacity building. Lillian still holds her position as Senior Social Worker within the Addictions and Mental Health ACU, with Metro South, Queensland Health. Lillian has a breadth of knowledge and skills across front line practice in the areas of Child Protection, Youth homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health and Corrections. Complementing front line skills are her extensive leadership and management competencies, with a career spanning across 30 years, inclusive of both Government and Non-Government positions in both NSW and Qld. Lillian is a collaborative, compassionate, and evidence based practitioner, with a multi-faceted contextual framework of practice. Lillian is an AASW member, mentor and private practice clinical supervisor. Lillian’s Tertiary Qualifications include Bachelor of Science- Psychology, Master of Social Work (PQ), Advanced Social Work practice and Master of Counselling ( Addiction, Mental health and Family therapy). Lillian is a reflexive and reflective practitioner eager, excited and enthused to work with and for our amazing and diverse Social Work cohort.


Venue: Online - ZOOM Details will be sent to you on Friday 10 June 2022

Date: Monday 13 & 20 June 2022

Time: 11.30am - 1.00pm Training/ Networking (AEST - Qld)

CPD: 3 hrs

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