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RISE UP Supervision Training Course

Event Details
Date: 21-23 Feb 2020
Venue: Sydney, NSW
CPD hrs: 24

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Organiser: Eden Therapy Services

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Your facilitator is a certified RISE UP trainer and industry leading professional with many years' experience in supervision and training. Supervision is an essential safeguard for clients, a support for counsellors, and a process through which practitioners can develop their skill and competence. 'The Rise Up Supervision Training' course provides a Certificate of Attainment for social workers.

Supervision will become more of a necessity in society as the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse are implemented, and the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers is considered.

You will be guided through the following topics during the three-day workshop:

  • Theory of Supervision
  • Best Practice
  • What is Professional Supervision?
  • What skills does a professional supervisor need?
  • What will be covered in a session of professional supervision?
  • What are the different settings and forms for professional supervision?
  • What are the Supervisor and Supervisee’s responsibilities?
  • Legal and Risk management issues in the Allied Health Industry Legislation Frontline management professional supervision
  • Issues in applying Professional Supervision
  • Resistant supervisees
  • Armstrong Model
  • Note taking and record keeping
  • Mental Health Issues and Supervision Transference potential
  • Stress, Anxiety, Conflict and potential Burnout

Learning objectives

The COA in Supervision training course will enable the graduate, as a minimum, to:

  • Define the role of a Clinical Supervisor
  • Utilise the RISE UP model of supervision through practical and assessment sessions * Identify the goals of supervision
  • Describe the supervisory relationship; demonstrate the skills required for conducting diverse supervision interventions; and provide effective evaluation
  • Present effectual feedback to supervisees
  • Understand the importance of supervision through a Royal Commission client case study
  • Successfully undertake a variety of supervisor administration tasks and address the ethical and legal considerations of supervision through a real life case study

Learner prerequisites

To be eligible to undertake this training program it is recommended that participants have a minimum of 2 years supervised practice experience in counselling, social work, psychology, nursing, education, clergy or similar

Presenter details

Dr Rebecca Braid, PhD has been a practising social worker for 34 years in hospital settings, and community based organisations, and has worked in private practice for 24 of those years. Rebecca has been supervising social workers, healthcare professionals, managers, business owners and clergy for many years. She has completed the COA in Supervision training course and is licensed to present the course. Over the years in private practice Rebecca has run training courses in complex trauma, and spirituality and therapy, for therapists. Rebecca's acceptance into the Australian College of Social Workers reflects her advanced standing and contribution to the industry

Tony Wroe BT&D, has extensive experience as a trainer, implementing behavioural change in corporate environments, major government departments and local municipal councils. He has also been involved in organisations at a pastoral care level for 34 years. Tony holds a GradDipCounselling and is currently studying a Masters of Counselling. Tony is currently working in private practice and has done so for two years, and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

Location and dates

Suite 1
318 Sydney Road
Balgowlah, NSW 2093

21-23 February 2020


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p: 02 9907 0044

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