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SA - Yes, but : Supporting our most challenging clients

Event Details
Date: 3 August 2022
Time: 7.00pm-8.00pm
Venue: Online
State: South Australia
CPD hrs: 1.0
CPD Category: Category 3: Professional Identity - Attending an AASW event (Older Persons Social Work)
Member $5.00
Non-Member $10.00
Organiser: AASW SA Branch
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You’ve done absolutely everything to support your client with very complex needs and it’s beginning to look like you’re winning. What started off resembling a dog’s breakfast is now looking like a case-study in exemplar social work. Your client is socially connected, they’re safe, they have a package in place that meets they’re current needs, they trust you and their new support workers and are even beginning to smile when you visit. But without any warning your client suddenly has an argument with the support-worker about arriving late, cancels her package and is refusing to take your calls. When you drop by to talk to her she is angry and threatens to make a complaint about you. You had wondered why all of the other workers before you had given up and now you think you know why but do you? How did this all go so wrong and so quickly?

In this presentation, we will draw from Mark Silver’s experience and knowledge to examine the difficult client. That client who suddenly changes their mind, gets angry at you for no reason and seems to take everything personally. Why do they behave this way? How did they become like this? What is the story beneath the story? How can we best support them AND is it possible not to take this personally?

Case study will be provided on registration and should be read before attending.

About the presenter (s)

Mark Silver - Mark Silver MSW has been a Social Worker in Aged Care & Disability for over 45 years with a keen interest in the use of narrative, reminiscence and stories in his work. He has been co-directing the Swinburne University Wellbeing Clinic for Older Adults for the past 10 years; advocating strongly for a greater presence of mental health professionals, working as a team within age care settings as well as for improved practicum training programs for students and practitioners alike. He has also recognised the importance of developing intergenerational programs which foster better relationships, communication and understanding between the generations.


Online (link will be sent to participants by lunchtime on the day of the event)


7.00pm-8.00pm (SA Time)
Wednesday, 3 August 2022


Member $5.00
Non-Member $10.00

Please note our event terms and conditions when registering

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