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Take Charge of Your Life

Event Details
Time: 9.00am to 4.30pm
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 6 Hours

AASW members: $220

Regular: $245

Organiser: Kalikamurti Saraswati Suich

The information in this one day course is a condensed opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in internal control psychology. The concepts presented in this course are those of Choice Theory® psychology which is an explanation of how the brain functions to integrate information.

The aim of presenting a one day course is to encourage people to participate in CPD training in internal control psychology. Participants of this course can then go onto participate in the Basic Intensive Training with a one day credit. It is hoped that this creates a more flexible option for people for training as it can be hard to book in for 4 day courses.

Take charge of your life is divided into 6 modules:

  1. Shift your mental mode
  2. Understand your basic needs
  3. Create positive relationship
  4. Learn the power of perception
  5. Understand the components of behaviour
  6. Self evaluation leading to taking charge of your life

For SW's themselves, this models review the SMART planning and introduces theory and conversations around achievable and attractive so as to ensure buy in by whom ever is making the plan. creates an opportunity for SW's to plan who they want tinter grate the information into their current way of working.

Learning objectives

  • Become proficient in understanding and applying the theory presented in the above modules.
  • Engage in active learning via a range of activities, demonstrations, interviewing/counselling practice role plays, group discussion, peer learning and sharing of skills and expertise.
  • Increase skills for working effectively with challenging clients or colleagues.
  • Develop new understanding of the brain and how it integrates information, the development of habits of behaviour and how to change them
  • Understand how motivation is internal.
  • Understand how to work with people so as to engage their 'wants' rather than don't wants and assist people to create achievable and sustainable plans for change based on this information.

Location and date

Venue: Melbourne - To Be confirmed

Date: To Be Confirmed


AASW members: $220

Regular fee: $245



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