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The Essentials: Training Clinicians In Eating Disorder

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Date: Ongoing
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: 17.5 hours

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Organiser: Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD)

The Essentials Program addresses the nature, identification and assessment of the eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, OSFED, and Binge Eating Disorder. The program combines text-based learning, videos, interactive activities, and quizzes.

The program consists of 5 modules: Understanding Eating Disorders, Assessment of Eating Disorders, Preparation for Treatment, Treatment Approaches, and Management. The 5 modules contain a Core curriculum of 3.5 hours, required to pass the reinforcing activity/quiz. A further ‘In Practice’ section with additional clinical tools, and a ‘Resources’ section with key readings and resources are available for the participant’s use but are not compulsory for completion of the program.

Learning objectives

  1. Ability to recognise the nature of eating disorders, different presentations, co-morbidities, and their prevalence and prognosis; and apply this information in diagnosis, treatment and management.
  2. Increased understanding of the rationale behind assessment of eating disorders; current methods of assessment and the pivotal role of categorisation for treatment plans.
  3. Increased awareness and understanding of forefront treatment for eating disorders and the importance of support for and involvement of families, caregivers and other social supports; ability to implement this knowledge in treatment plans and collaboration with other health providers.


Australia - $280 AUD
International - $280 AUD
One Month Extension - $50 AUD


Approximately 17.5 hours for the core curriculum

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