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The Hearing Voices Approach

Event Details
Date: 7th - 8th November 2018
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
CPD hrs: 14

Concession/Student Fee: $420
Full fee: $600

Organiser: Prahran Mission
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'Hearing Voices' is a term used to represent the experience of what is also called 'auditory hallucinations', or hearing things that other people cannot. 'Hearing Voices' can also be related to the experiences of seeing visions, sensing things and beliefs that others may find unusual. Many people hear voices and find them helpful, sacred or just a normal part of life. Some people find voices confusing or frightening and seek help to cope. These people are commonly diagnosed with schizophrenia or another mental illness. The Hearing Voices Approach is based on the research of Professor Marius Romme & Sandra Escher, which found that many people hear voices without distress or even seeking mental health support. Romme & Escher found that voice hearers who 'cope' have different skills, beliefs and supports compared to those who live in distress. The Hearing Voices Approach does not aim to replace existing medical and recovery services, but rather to bring an additional support system into people's lives and bring people into a strong and supportive community.

Learning objectives

  1. A solid understanding of what the hearing voices approach is and how it started
  2. A better understanding of the voice hearing experience
  3. A greater understanding of the link between voices and trauma/emotions/life experience
  4. Knowledge of how recovery can look like within the hearing voices approach
  5. The benefits of hearing voices groups and peer work
  6. Knowledge of different strategies and skills that can help voice-hearers
  7. Learn how to use some basic strategies and have the confidence to use them, such as voice diaries, time-lines, grounding skills, counter-statements and empowerment tools
  8. Understanding of duty of care and safety
  9. Understanding of how to work respectfully with unusual beliefs
  10. Understanding of how to work compassionately with voices

Presenter details

Inge Remmits, is a social worker with 10 years of work experience in mental health & dual disability both in Australia and the Netherlands. Inge was trained in using the Hearing Voices Approach by its founders and other (inter)national experts. Inge has been professionally using the approach for over 6 years.

Janet Karagounis is the Group Network Coordinator at Voices Vic. Janet has a Certificate IV in Mental Health and is trained in Intentional Peer Support. Janet is one of the founding members of Voices Vic and she was trained in the Hearing Voices Approach by its founders and other (inter)national experts. Janet has been professionally using this approach for 9 years. In 2017 Janet won the 'Inspirational Person' Intervoice award. Intervoice is the international body for the Hearing Voices movement. Janet also has lived experience in Hearing Voices and has used this approach in her own recovery.

Ben Hillard is the Peer Support Worker at Voices Vic. Ben has a Certificate IV in mental health & AOD and is trained in Intentional Peer Support. Ben has received training in the Hearing Voices Approach by (inter)national experts. Ben has been using this approach professionally for 3 years. Ben also has lived experience of Voice Hearing and has used this approach in his own recovery.

Amanda Waegeli was first introduced to the Hearing Voices Approach in 2005. She successfully used the hearing voices approach to gain mastery over her own personal voice hearing experiences. Amanda then became an advocate for the approach and started facilitating Hearing Voices Group. Amanda was trained in the Approach by the founders and other international leaders in the Hearing Voices Movement and has successfully completed certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Worker, Training and Assessment. Working professionally with the Hearing Voices Approach for the last ten years. Amanda became the State Coordinator of the Hearing Voices Network of WA and later an Ambassador for the Hearing Voices network of QLD, currently facilitating Hearing Voices Groups in forensic settings. She is the inaugural Chair of the Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project Steering Committee and a Board Director of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS) Australia. Amanda works as a casual trainer for Voices Vic and as a national Hearing Voices Approach Trainer and Consultant in her own business.

Kate Brinly has a Bachelor of Social Science and a Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Counseling) as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Kate works for Voices Vic as a Peer Support Worker and facilitates Hearing Voices Support Groups. Kate also has lived experience of voice hearing.

Petra Hinch is the Hearing Voices Regional Coordinator at Voices Vic, based in Horsham in regional Victoria and servicing south-east regional Victoria. She has been working in community mental health for 4 years and using the Hearing Voices approach professionally for 1 year. Petra is a mental health peer worker with lived experience of hearing voices who is passionate about peer mental health approaches and community education.

Location and date

Prahran Mission
86A Kooyong Road
Armadale, Victoria

7th - 8th November 2018


Concession/Student Fee: $420
Full fee: $600

Note: Voices Vic offers hardship rates on request


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