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Transititioning social work, counselling and community service into the information age series

Event Details
Date: 5th Sep 2019
Venue: Online
CPD hrs: Up to 10 hours

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Organiser: Rodney Stanton

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This interactive series allows advanced, start up and generalist professionals to explore in one place a suite of BAS, Marketing, Web Developers, working with Transgender community in community programs and local practices.

It is a bespoke webinar that critically analyses and promotes social work practice whilst supplying locals the information they need to be successful. Professionals will be able to share within the webinar as we discuss the top tips to accelerating practice locally.

Layout of workshops includes

Introduction Workshop

  • Accounting Software Overview
  • Appointment Software Overview
  • Trauma Informed ‘Choice’ Software
  • Social Impact Tools Overview
  • Marketing Tools Overview
  • Domain Management and more
  • Q&A Session

Workshop I

  • Basics of using software in practice
  • Privacy
  • User Data
  • Security
  • Current legislation
  • Marketing to customers
  • Spam ACT 2003
  • Q&A Session

Workshop II

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Trauma Informed Platform
  • Customer Life Cycles
  • Referral Life Cycles
  • Integrated Software Solutions
  • Q&A Session

Workshop III

  • BAS Reporting
  • Accounting Software
  • Mapping Out Costs
  • Integrated Software Solutions
  • Q&A Session

Workshop IV

  • Measuring Impacts
  • Trauma Informed Choice in Practice
  • ‘Choice’
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Integrated Marketing Options
  • Q&A Session

Workshop V

  • Domain Management
  • Using a Hosting Provider
  • Using Analytics (how people find you)
  • Personalised Websites
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Q&A Session

Workshop VI

  • Providing resources for LGBTQIA
  • Marketing and appropriate online messages for community members
  • Working with colleagues who identify
  • Demonstrating safety for professionals and community members
  • Remaining relevent and advocacy

Learning objectives


Users will get lists of tools and techniques to using appropriate programs for the purpose of the type of work they do. They will be provided with industry leading information all in one place.

Workshop I:

Industry leading information on legislation / regulation for their area of practice. They will leave with resources and referrals to appropriate technology that is safe for users and professionals

Workshop II

Review of current insurance coverages and how this engages with technology. It will review with participants their current life cycle of customers to ensure they are providing optimal referral pathways but also ensuring that they have all the tools to engage in other local services. It will include software referrals that can easily resolve typical practice troubles

Workshop III

Participants will leave with BAS registered agent advice and accounting support to ensure they are practicing in line with tax code. It will also provide them with industry leading ways to speed up reporting, BAS reports and more.

Workshop IV

Will provide participants with tools to examine how their practice is being referred to in their local context. It will allow participants to unpack their current ways of practice and build sustainable, cost effective referral pathways. It will also provide them with marketing tricks to further their impact in the community

Workshop V

This will provide best ways to secure your domain and security required for any new website. This will allow current or new professionals to set up a website safely to protect anyone who visits or transactions online. This will also provide referrals to tools that can enable a one-stop shop to ensure they don't lose time in practice with their security.

Workshop VI

This will provide an interactive session to full map out your current and future approaches with transgender professionals, clients and related. It will help you plan for online marketing and ensuring you have ‘safe spaces’ both online and locally for people who identify as LGBTQIA. This is co-presented by TranzAustralia and their professionals with lived experience.

Presenter details

Rodney Stanton (Master of Social Work) an internationally and locally trained, Accredited Social Worker who has experience in Department of Veterans Affairs, Comcare, homeless refuges, Amovita supervision training and Trauma Informed Care for Managers training. Rodney owns Help Now Group Pty Ltd and has built an Australian first software that fits all sized sole traders and those who aggregate services of allied and community services.

Daniel Oyston (Master of Marketing): Australia's own international marketing professional and lecturer. He is best known for him and his team at SponServe creating a multimillion dollar business used by international representative Australian sports teams as well as his local & national projects with Content Grasshopper and Raging Digital.

Tony Pentecost (Bach. Information Technology; Database Administration & Web Design) A well experienced, global software & application developer of BetaBoxts Technical Solutions who is also Senior Application Security Lead at Bridgestone Americas which entails global security to maintaining private, protected information which he monitors internationally.

Kieran May (Fellow of Institute of Certified Bookkeepers / BAS Registered Agent), is a well established businessman in Canberra. Kieran has substantial experience as a registered BAS Agent, former Commonwealth Bank Manager, board member and recently the creator of BotBooks which is a bespoke platform for bookkeeping.

Al Azimi- faciltiator of Trans 101 - Basic Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) education delivered by people with lived experience* Intersex 101 - Basic information about people with Intersex variations delivered by people with lived experience* 'Authentic Lives' Course for Trans* and TGD people - confidence building, your rights and skills development

Location and dates

Webinar - online

5 September, 19 September, 3 October, 17 October, 30 October, 7 November, 21 November 2019

6:00pm to 7:30pm


HelpNow Partners and AASW members with a community of sole trading practice: Free

Standard: $27

Series will be available on demand for after live series is complete.



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