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Trauma and Recovery: the journey for service users and service providers

Event Details
Date: 10 May 2020
Venue: Mackay, QLD
CPD hrs: 6

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Organiser: Work Up Queensland

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The last 20 years has seen as explosion of research and understanding about the origins and impacts of both primary trauma and secondary trauma experiences. This one day program will firstly explore the impacts of primary trauma experiences across cognitive, psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual domains, in order words, the impact on mind, body and soul. Strategies and approaches to support people impacted by trauma will be discussed from situations of brief interventions to longer term support arrangements. Particular attention will be paid to the near universal experiences of trauma associated with domestic and family violence dynamics. The second part of the the training will focus on the potential effects of secondary trauma on workers exposed to other people's trauma as a part of their every day work experience. This will include an exploration of contributing factors, potential trauma, and strategies to stay resilient when doing this important work.

Financial support to assist with travel and accommodation costs may be available for specialist domestic and family violence, sexual assault and women's health and wellbeing staff who are registered for programmed events. Contact us at for further details

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the broad range of potential impacts of primary trauma experiences
  • Understanding the trauma impacts associated with experiencing domestic and family violence
  • Understanding the origins and impacts of secondary trauma
  • Exploring strategies to stay resilient

Presenter details

Penny Gordon has a 37 year career as a psychologist during which time she has worked extensively across clinical and organisational fields of psychology. Penny is a highly regarded trainer and facilitator and as well as regularly presenting professional development programs has also taught across a range of graduate and post graduate university courses. Penny has specialised in supporting adults who have experienced significant trauma as either an adult or a child. This area of work includes working with members of the community to resolve their experiences of primary trauma and also assisting a broad range of professionals across legal and justice services, mental health, oncology and palliative care, domestic and family violence, homelessness and housing, child protection, family intervention and support and other first responder groups who are vulnerable to secondary traumatic stress due to their continuous exposure to other people’s trauma. Additionally, Penny has championed these organisations to be trauma informed in the delivery and design of their services. For the past 22 years Penny has worked in her own consulting business supporting organisations, teams and individuals to work effectively as possible in their fields of endeavour.

Tere Vaka is a psychologist with over twenty five years’ experience providing services including clinical counselling, supervision and assessments and, employee assistance services, training development and delivery, organisational change management and mental health policy development and implementation in the workplace. These services have been delivered to numerous organisations across the public, corporate and community-based sectors. A focus has been the provision of consultancy services, training, team and individual professional supervision sessions aimed at supporting practitioners, frontline and senior leaders to enhance their skills, knowledge, practices, policies and procedures in relation to the provision of services to clients with a history of trauma. Accompanying this is a strong focus on supporting service providers to sustain their own psychological, emotional and physcial resilience in order to manage the continuous challenges of this work.

Location and date

Mackay - venue to be confirmed. Please refer to organiser for further details

10 June 2020

9:00am - 4:00pm


Target: $132

Non target: $396

The target group workers in the sexual assault, women's health and wellbeing and domestic and family violence sector in services funded by Department of Child Safety Queensland



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