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Trauma informed care and practice for the legal and justice sector

Event Details
Venue: Melbourne, Vic
State: Cancelled
CPD hrs: 7

Early bird price - $310

Standard Price: $330

Group (3 or More) - $300

Organiser: Blue Knot Foundation

This one-day interactive professional development training provides the information and skills needed by all personnel working in the legal and justice sector to better assist, advocate for and support the large numbers of their clients impacted by diverse traumas, past and present.

People affected by trauma are at high risk of re-traumatisation in systems which are not informed about trauma and its dynamics. Their well-being depends on service responses and practice being trauma-informed: `more effective, fair, intelligent, and just legal responses must work from a perspective which is trauma-informed’ (Randall & Haskell, 2013).

This training will provide insight into the emotional and behavioural expressions of traumatic stress and help attendees to build the resources, tools and strategies they need to minimise the risks of re-traumatisation and enhance outcomes for not only their clients, but also themselves, their colleagues and the firms/services and systems in which they work. It will workshop diverse case scenarios and the implementation of trauma-informed principles in the practice of the law and domains of justice, and provide tools to take back to the workplace.

Learning objectives

By participating in this professional development training, attendees will:

  • Utilise knowledge of the types, prevalence and impacts of the trauma for people engaging with the legal and justice sectors to articulate the benefits of trauma-informed services
  • Analyse the stress response to better understand your clients’ challenges in regulating their emotions and arousal
  • Use a trauma-informed lens to understand challenging emotions and behaviours as ‘adaptive’ responses to trauma
  • Apply the principles of trauma-informed individual and organisational legal practice to minimise re-traumatisation, promote safety and enhance outcomes for clients and staff
  • Develop strategies to work with a range of emotional responses and levels of arousal

Target audience

Lawyers, magistrates, judges, paralegals, court staff, staff in correctional facilities, tribunals and dispute resolution, police and other personnel in the legal and justice sectors.

Location and date

Adina Queen Street

11 October 2019- CANCELLED


Early bird price - $310

Standard Price: $330

Group (3 or More) - $300


p: 02 8920 3611

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